Thursday, March 22, 2018

When dreams come true

I have always wanted to drive on the Pamban bridge. The dream came true when I went on my road trip. The experience was exhilarating and I am so so so delighted that I got an opportunity. Four women on a road trip - 1700km over 4 days. Yes, my state is safe and I felt so empowered. Thank you life. 

Whose woods are these?

Whose woods are these I wonder..
I am no Frost to describe their beauty.
I just have my strong opinions
and my attempts at observation.

I continue to stand in the welcoming shade,
watching them as I wonder..
A gentle breeze kisses me and then passes through them..

Do they belong to me,
in this second, I attempt to freeze?
A part of them is in me,
A part of me left behind there..
A tiny part,
but still the woods nevertheless.
A tiny part,
but still me nevertheless.

How do i find the words to explain,
The inexplicable connect I feel,
to everything alive
and everything beautiful?
Perhaps, the beauty is because of the lenses I wear..
The rose tinted ones,
I refuse to remove.
The ones I close my eyes when I clean.
Maybe, they add all the beauty.

Whose woods are these I wonder..
Perhaps, I have to make peace,
that it does not matter..
Why is possession so essential?
A deed in paper,
What makes it more valuable -
than a deep experience?
An afternoon amongst these trees,
Just that - All I need,
to call them mine.

I freeze them forever
and I hold the memories close.
These woods,
the frozen woods, are mine
mine - forever.
A part of me,
as I am a part of them. 

Another beautiful melody

My current obsession. A very beautiful and simple romantic song..

An ode to the abandoned land

I hit Dhanushkodi on my road trip. Rather than focus on the abandoned houses and the church there, I wanted to capture the beauty that is human spirit. 

What stories would this boat tell me? 
Who takes it out everyday? 
What do they manage to fish? 
Why did they pick this color? 
The yellow and the blue? 
The multiple hues of the water, the white sands and the contrast of the paint, make this picture very close to my heart. 

There were a lot of beautiful things for sale near the shores. The vendors were quite busy selling their wares. I picked this specific picture, because I really love incense sticks. An incense stick stand and a mobile holder were both fashioned out of the same raw material available in abundance in nature. Impressive!

That is my dependable and amazing ride. How much I fell in love with driving.. Sigh. :)

Little birdie on the tree

I reached Rameshwaram after an awesome drive from Trichy. Once I checked into the hotel, I looked out from the balcony and I saw this pair of birds. They were busy hopping from the tree to the window sill. It was so much fun watching them. A dedication to the effortless beauty around us.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Red Fox

I really loved this hotel in Trichy for their awesome interior decoration. Every room had a painting or a sketch of a fox,that was super witty. Here is a picture of their lobby with the wall full of funny quips.

Harini Padmanabhan