Saturday, April 22, 2017


I don't get my obsession with waves and sunsets. Today evening, the Arabian Sea welcomed me. I loved the waves and kept running into them. This was an unassuming beach right next to the vettucaud church. It was empty on a Saturday evening and I had an amazing evening in the lap of nature. The simple things are sometimes irreplaceable. 


I walk down the land of could have beens,
My eyes misty and misery, longing for company.

There it is, the dream that was
And over there, the dream that almost was..
Real for so many,
Taken for granted every single day!
While in my land of could haves,
The regrets pile up and I almost suffocate.

A dying woman, I grasp at the tiny light,
That streams into my consciousness.
Light from the land of all that is-
I crawl out, the angst, not ready to let go,
My legs wobble but I stand straight
And teleport,a clean, fast cut, the only option!

What hasn't been, could have been,
But what is, couldn't not have been.
It is right here,
To be a stepping stone or a roadblock,
The choice, always in the direction
I choose to look.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Simple pleasures

I've come to visit a friend in trivandrum this weekend and I saw this one walking peacefully in her garden. Time seems to stand still and the place is so peaceful. 

We're planning to go to kanyakumari tomorrow though I don't know if it's advisable given the heat. I'm more than happy just sitting, working and watching the show put up by the birds just for me

Monday, April 17, 2017

A random evening

She walks in,
The well lit living room, 
A beautiful haven!
A sofa to sink in to, after a hard days work.

The rumble in her stomach,
Pushing her towards the designer kitchen..

She picks it without thought, the dinner menu,
The comforting taste of simplicity.
As the oil sizzles and the dal begins to boil,
She looks for the seasoning-
The sambhar powder,
Packed tight in an unopened box.
Tiny particles escape as the scissors liberate them,
And hop into the unsuspecting eye..

The tears begin to flow,
The minor irritants,
Triggering a memory..
Tears left unshed,
For the stock that once was,
The stock of a well used and chipped kitchen.

Smells that embraced her everyday,
Another time,
Another person
In the same body..
Buried and gone, definitely for good,
But the scratch on the scar,
A reminder of a life, a lifetime away-
And still, just out of grasp.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Bird watching

I see quite a few of them everyday when I walk in the evening. I was able to capture them yesterday and try my novice editing skills to make the pictures look better. I'm so glad I'm able to walk around a small piece of paradise in the concrete jungle that's Bangalore. 


A very hazy picture. But I saw a pair of Brahminy kites yesterday at the lake near home. I've to learn to edit better. 

Deep in thought

This is what she does when I'm trying to eat. What is she even thinking about? Give me give me give me? I don't know. I wish I could.