Thursday, July 20, 2017

My evening dose of joy

A beautiful view this evening..

My phone has been acting up quite a bit.. Love the photographs I can click still..

An Ode to a Stale Upma

I remember that smile
The one that lit up your face,
A face half illuminated
Unfortunately, unforgettable.

I look for it in the recesses of my brain
and search as I might, I remember the smile,
I remember your joy,
But nothing else..

Like the taste of a year old delicacy,
Your thought haunts me today.

Delicious yet stale,
Nourishing yet poisonous
Complete yet sans closure.

The mists of time, I curse them
and I embrace them
Neither act of any use.

You disappear, but you never go away.
I do not forget, but neither can I ever forgive.
I can just mourn what was.
I can just savor, the stolen moments
before I catch up with myself
and pull me away from hopeless day dreams.


The lady i fell for in March, did come from France. Here she is standing in the Luxembourg gardens, majestic and confident.

Eye of the beholder

I love gardening. Used to have a garden in the house i lived in and really sat in the cool grass and wondered about life. Not too long ago. I miss that garden at times.

This flower shop in an unknown corner of the world, brought a smile to my face. The possibilities and what I can maybe do some day in the not so distant future, make me happy and hopeful.

Location - Paris

Le Nouvel Homme

Well, obviously I loved looking at this poster. I couldn't resist clicking a picture, though it has not obviously come out too well. :)

I remember cursing photographs a few days back and I think I have to take that back now. :)

Location Paris, Grand Lafayette

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Conquering the skies

Another nook in Paris. A flying horse and a man with aspirations to conquer the sky. I would like a flying horse. I think it will be fun. An invisible one, so i dont have to worry about it being seen. 

Sound of music

Palais Garnier - Napoleon's contribution to the Paris landscape. It was said that there was a lot of resistance when the building was built and later the Parisians fell in love with it. :)

I loved this statue on top of the building. The way he was looking down at me with that serene look on his face. Looking at some pictures, takes me back and makes me wish for a change in place.