Saturday, January 20, 2018


Travellers we are,
You and I,
Coursing down the river of life.

A gentle river it usually is,
But unpredictable at places,
Unforgiving in a few others,
Always, welcoming
and always, unaffected.

Unaffected whether we float,
Unaffected whether we fight,
Unaffected whether we swim,
Unaffected, whether we build boats,
Unaffected, whether we build cruisers,
Unaffected, whether we cling to life jackets.

Travellers we are,
Hoping to leave a mark,
in flowing water,
Forgetting that nothing,
even that mighty strong impression,
can last forever.
Forgetting, that everything,
is but a mirage.

I see you with me today,
smiling, holding me as I shed tears.
You light up my life,
in ways you can never know.
You light up my life,
with the illusion of permanence.

But parallel currents we ride,
and I now accept, 
that we can be pulled apart,
any instant, effortlessly.
This second, I am grateful,
for the journey we shared.
This second, I get ready,
for the parting, that is inevitable.

Travellers we are,
Travellers we always will be.
Best we can hope for,
is a steady current -
an illusion, of being stationary.

Unexpected experiences

I was just talking to a friend and she was telling me about her flight to Bangalore from home. A guy sitting near her was watching a TV series she likes and she was watching it on his laptop (They dont know each other, she was just peeping in) and when the streaming stopped she sighed and when he looked at her, she told him that she was also watching.

They landed in Bangalore and she was talking to someone on the phone. 

They got into the same bus to head home and he sat next to her and they watched the TV series together the entire ride back home. They did not exchange numbers and when they got down from the bus, went their own way. I found this quite a nice experience, being able to share a slice of your life with someone unknown. The connectedness we all have with everyone else in the planet, even if it is only because of a TV series. 

A couple of folks thought that they should have exchanged numbers and spoken. But I think, this was for the best! 

Some people come into your life when you least expect them and they also leave the same way. 

We are all travellers together. Life is a journey - think of it as an Uber Pool. We all have a starting and and ending point. Other travellers join us for certain periods of time. They share a part of the journey but then, they have different stops to get down at. 

The only person who will be with us from the first day to the very last, is our own selves. The best we can hope for, is a lot of unexpected and pleasant experiences or lessons from those that leave a bitter after taste.


For the first time in forever, I spent New Years eve alone. It was liberating in more ways than one. I did not write about it earlier as I was not sure if I should talk about something I did for myself, but then, I do write for myself (Very few people will put out some of the things I write in a public forum. :) ) Hence here goes. 

Life has been a roller coaster in 2017, I have rethought and redefined my life in so many ways and still am the same in a few others. I couldn't figure out the best way to celebrate that evening. Long story short, I was alone with my dogs at 12 (after a very nice evening with a good friend) and I felt happy and at peace with myself. 

Perhaps, that is my story for 2018. At peace with who I am and hopefully very less cognitive dissonance. To new beginnings!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Out of my comfort zone

I am quite traditional in a million ways. Getting rid of a few inhibitions has been fun. Eating chicken, trying fish and recently even old monk.. I still prefer vegetarian food, but I am now trying to literally spread my wings and see what more I can do. What are the things I have said no to, that I should try doing. This week, it is about going to sing karaoke with friends and funnily, going out, just to dance (I hate crowds and I hate loud music, so this is going to be tough). Let me see how much I enjoy it. 

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


In a world of half lies,
I wonder if I'm silly 
To worship the truth. 
Not just the sweetness inherent in it, 
But also the bitterness 
And sometimes, the inevitable anger. 

The obvious choices 
Parade around, in front of me 
A few more, I spot,
Hidden inside nooks,
Waiting to be discovered. 

I watch spell bound, 
I'm mortal enough, 
To love shiny colours 
And flashy toys..
But one step closer and I see it, 
The empty hollow, 
Or the half filled one.

I miss, the warm comfort 
Of the truth. 
The simple joy in knowing,
That some things, 
Just are. 
Stable, solid, even if rigid. 

Nothing but the truth, 
Can ever set me free.
Harini Padmanabhan

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Life altering moments

There will definitely be time, 
Perhaps as early as this noon,
Or tomorrow 
Or never,
When I will sit down, 
Look back and maybe, 
Just maybe, 
Shed bucket full of tears.

Or, watch the world 
And laugh my head off.

I know this moment, 
Is supposed to be important 
It's supposed to change the course 
Of life as I know it today..

But then, I wonder, 
Did I ever really know life,
As it was any day? 
The uncertainties, the sorrow, 
The inexplicable joy 
That every moment held, 
Just for me, 
As it did for millions more? 

Knowing I know nothing 
Rather, pride reminding me, 
Knowing I know very little, 
I watch these moments 
As they go by, 
And choose to let them be. 
In my box of memories, 
For a later day.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Pauses between words

I love them, 
I really do, 
These pauses between words..
The ones, that give words their meaning 
The pause, 
So I differentiate, 
I comprehend 
And I accept. 

When I'm right there 
In the eye of the storm, 
They grant me a break..
A respite, no matter how temporary, 
To fly into a flight of fancy, 
A hope for better things to come. 

A pause where I long to predict 
And fill in the blanks. 

I wait for them 
As they travel across time,
Words I long to hear, 
I funnily hope to take for granted.