Wednesday, November 22, 2017

One moment at a time

This is perhaps,
the most silent of my many love stories..
Silence despite the proximity..
debunking myths of those lovers whose hearts talk..
I laugh out as I imagine that..
Converse, definitely our hearts do not,
Speak over each other, definitely yes,
We do so love to talk, you and I.

What I speak, you can never comprehend,
as much as you might understand
and what you say, I cannot accept
as much as I might know.

With the breaths I take in,
Right now, I try to let you go.
I know not, how many minutes, 
this decision will last,
but minutes I have many,
to test it out.

After all, I just have to take life,
One moment at a time.
One moment of joy,
after another, yet another
and before I know it, 
I will have a garland strung,
out of those breathtaking moments.

How I feel about you, perhaps may not change..
Not today, Not tomorrow,
Maybe another day, well into the future.
Who knows?
I dont really care darling!
The heart can long, for the uttainable,
but the mind will continue to seek - the rest.

A million distractions present themselves,
Ones I would not self destruct on. 
I just have to pick one,
One moment at a time.

Avoiding those thoughts,
of cruising down lanes with you,
of walking down beaches
and of waltzing to non existent music.

One moment at a time,
reasserting my love for myself,
over and above everything else. 

The Dingo

This is Dingo, the Australian native dog like animal, that does not bark.

And this is these two.. So similar the posture seems to be.

More from the reef and the ocean

I was going through  my pictures to pick a few to print and found pictures I wanted to put up in my blog..

This really old couple going together to their destination by themselves.. I do have a romantic association when I see them. Something I can appreciate.

Here I see a group of what I call the zebra fish. What rich lives we lead to be able to see all this? I feel so complete when I can glimpse life.

A lone ranger.. hiding between the reef:

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Over thinker

Today, someone at work told me I was over thinking.It was a different story that I was concerned I had not thought through things at all. The tiny voice in me, the one that mocks my obsession with order in the world, the one becoming louder day by day told me again, how even with every day things, I tend to over think and assume I am under prepared. 

Sometimes, life is all about just focusing on and enjoying the beauty of the breath we are blessed with everyday. Not every moment can be like that, but a lot of moments can be. :) 

Monday, November 20, 2017

Mortal and Immortal

This is what I posted in Facebook after I spent a few hours snorkeling..

"A dream came true today as I snorkeled over a part of the great barrier reef. It was such a fantastic experience and I am truly grateful that I managed to get a glimpse of such a beautiful place. It makes me feel more mortal and immortal at the same time as I got to experience a tiny part of something so timeless. Thank you life!"

I still have not found the right words to communicate that experience. So here I go, posting a few pictures and thanking Quicksilver for taking us to the middle of the ocean so I could snorkel. I love the ocean and the waves and I know that is where my home is. Near the beaches.

A few pictures.. That streak of brown in the middle of the ocean..

My glimpse of the reef from a glass bottom boat. Truly fabulous. Watch the interplay of the different shades of blue..

This one, I loved the shape. I felt it was really, truly  unique. 

Couldn't resist putting up a pic with my favorite elements - the mountains, clouds which i can jump on and ride away and the deep ocean with tiny ripples - deep, but waters weren't really still. 

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Port Douglas - Tropical Paradise

We stayed at Port Douglas for a couple of days. I fell in love with the 4 mile beach (My love for waves and water bodies is quite well documented I think)

The sun hiding behind the clouds, playing hide and seek, but not really to hiding from me.. look at how the water sparkles.. 

I found this couple walking all over the beach.. Could not resist capturing them for eternity. I dont know anything about them, but as far as this blog is concerned, I snuck a peek into two people having an idyllic romantic get away..

These flowers caught my fancy. Loved their color especially against the green I so love.

Lastly, coconuts by the beach. Cairns is such a tropical paradise.. I wondered if there will ever be a possibility of coconut lying around like this in India. I love tender coconut and I go hunting for good ones quite often here.. That day,there were so  many lying around, but I could not pick one and have it. :) 

Daintree Rain Forest

Cairns was a very beautiful place (is rather, but I am not there now)

We visited the Daintree Rainforest and did a dream walk (Ngadiku dream walk) with the aborigines and I really loved the forest. I was transported to an era where,

Man could spend time in water like this, currents or alligators could kill him too, so he was a careful swimmer.

He spent a lot of time making instruments like these with beautiful carvings to fight
 and once he/she was of age, got married under rocks.. ( I found this concept super romantic)

The best part for me was watching her make paints out of natural materials and paint herself and explain the colors and their significance. I have been toying with the idea of getting a tattoo and I was wondering how would I paint myself? What holds the most significance to me? I couldnt get an answer I was able to resonate with.

Our guide also demonstrated how a stone was once an extremely valuable commodity. It was quite tiny, but had an impression of a seed on it. The early settlers would take plain stones and over a period of time, by virtue of breaking seeds in it, create an impression of a seed, making it easier to break. When neighbouring tribes came, they would try to steal the stone away, hence the stone was always kept upside down, to prevent it from being stolen away. :)

Our guide gave us this amazing leaf that when applied on the head could take our headaches away. It smelt like amrutanjan.

Somethings change, somethings dont. The aborigines didnt believe in owning land and were comfortable moving across the forest, living off the land and as a part of it, as a community, as family was essential for survival then. Now, I read research which says that millenials dont believe in buying property but there is a rise of existentialism - importance to experiences than anything else..

Somewhere, there is a connect - dont you think?