Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Downhill and how!

See those folks right on top? I was there. See the women sitting on top of the tiny fall? I was there too.. The mid stretch of my 11 mile hike.. i was so scared of getting down this tiny cliff. Managed it and I am standing. :)

The fall looks really pretty.. :) And my new phone has a brilliant camera. Shot on Iphone 7. 

Jonathan Livingstone Seagull

The first time I read this book, I really loved it. I liked it as much the second time I read it. I keep thinking Laika is like Jonathan as she constantly wants to fly.

Imagine my surprise when I accidentally caught a sea gull mid flight, near the lighthouse in Point Reyes.

I love the shades of blue...

Cypress Grove

This place was on the way to Point Reyes. A grove of Cypress more like a cave if you ask me. It was a beautiful and serene place..

I loved the place because from a certain angle, it looks like there is light at the end of the tunnel.. :)
(Its a different argument that the tunnel itself is only a perspective.)  

Monday, August 14, 2017

One step at a time

I did a 11 mile hike and survived!! (Relatively speaking) I used to be called an immovable asset at school. As an adult, I am really evolving and trying to be fitter. A pat on my back for doing this and being fit enough to get to work the next day.

View on the route to the waterfall:

View from a different angle on the way back..

This was the Pelican lake. There was also a Bass lake:

View when we started the trek:

View on the way back

All the pictures were shot on an Iphone! Love the camera. 

Flights of fancy

Somewhere between a rocky mountain 
And a steep fall I sit, 
Pausing to breath,
And doing nothing beyond -
Contemplating the flight of the birds 
I've yet to find my wings, 
For I seem to love nets that just hold me so close..
Willingly I get entangled, and then pray for a deliverance.
That would just not be. 

These moments, I just cut loose, 
And try to take flight,
Surprising myself, by
Joining the birds mid-flight. 
Scaring them perhaps, 
For a hefty companion they expected not.

But they hold me close nevertheless 
And we take flight 
I gladly forget the paths that diverged, then 
For a new mode came by to move me forward. 

P.S - Inspired by a crazy hike down and my fear of climbing down or up. 

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Endless, nameless

The waves, how do they identify themselves? I mean, you can make out almost where one ends and where the other begins, but you also cannot. If they could think, what would they opine about being an endless, nameless entity? Or would they secretly laugh as they have named themselves in a code meant just for themselves and ones which others will never have access to? Ones others can perhaps even hear, but cannot distinguish enough to comprehend?

Location - Point Reyes (Over thinking after climbing down and then back up an equivalent of 30 flights of stairs)

Saturday, August 12, 2017

The picture of you

I walk through empty lanes 
Ones that come alive 
With images of you and me, 
Together, pretty much in love, 
Hopelessly lost. 

I know now, that I was lost 
A part of me probably still is..
But most of me,
Is whole and aware of the illusion that was..

Enjoying the view, 
I walk by,
The image of you clear. 

How I wish you were as real as your image was! 
I know why I'm no Pygmalion..
My vision of a human, 
Is nothing but that of a skeleton with a layer of flesh..
Real but unreal. 

I sit down and try to define all that should be, 
Never really knowing that all that could be, 
Is always beyond the realm of imagination..
Harini Padmanabhan