Thursday, November 10, 2016

Messenger from Hell

You're the messenger from hell,
My personal angel of death
You're all the sins personified,
You're all that's wrong
And you're still all that's right

Wordlessly, you tempt me with your mere existence..
Helpless, consciously, gladly, I succumb

If this is hell,i forsake heaven,
For without you, heaven hath no charm
And with you, hell is full of an unsettled calm

You're my missing piece,
One sent to make me mould myself,
One sent to make me see the world beyond
One sent to remind me, that constants, are over rated..
That change is the true ruler, now and forever

We will change, but i pray we change together,
Two individuals, as distinct as they are the same,
As lost as they are enlightened
As confused as they are clear..
If this was not meant to be,
Nothing else can be..


I dream walk in reality
Dream perhaps in one realm
Reality in another
Who am i to pass judgement, even if the experience is mine?
Who am I to tag reality from a dream?

My reality, another's dream
My dream, another's reality.

Would I love life any more if my dreams are less painful?
Would I dream any more if my dreams transcend effortlessly to reality?

Maybe, In a parallel realm, the dreams just aspire to transcend,
Transient dreams, care not for their creators
They move through the spots the resistance is lowest,
And reach destinations, maybe just not where they were wanted,
Perhaps where they were needed...
Maybe where they will always be forgotten..

Meaningless Middle

If there is nowhere else to be,
Why isnt here good enough?
If there is nothing else to do,
Why isnt this all that can be?
If there is nobody else to hold,
Why am I not enough?
The questions surround me
I run away from the question marks
that are intent on a game of tag..

I look into the mirror,
the tired eyes of a stranger staring back
I know not this person, our paths don't align
but our paths are the same
I dread this optionless existence
I am too tired to dream
I am too tired to sleep
I am too tired to even exist

But exist I must, for the end is never an end
it is just another endless beginning
Nothing ends and nothing ever begins..
There is just the meaningless middle
left to ponder a beginning that never was
and an end that never would be..

Out for the world to see

I have decided to post the poetry I have been writing recently in my blog. I do want to get it published, but since I dont lose the copyright if it is in my blog, I want to post a few of the poems here. My first effort in letting the world read what I really think.

Changes galore

In one part of the world, the highest denomination has now become null and void. In another, someone very few people expected to win, has won an election and has become the most powerful man in the world. While I do have my usual opinionated rant about both the incidents in my head, the one thing I am celebrating today is my new Macbook Pro and the fact that I was able to print 4by6 images of a few photos I had taken. They looked amazing. 

I was not able to buy post cards in Lassen, but I made my own. That, is a change I actually like. That, is a change I am looking forward to embracing everyday. 

Friday, October 28, 2016


Should you know despair to know hope?
Should you know pain to know pleasure?
Should you know love to know neglect?
Should you know anger to know calm? 
Are the opposites needed for meaning?
Or are things just as they are?

I knew black independent of the white,
But the blackness more obvious
as the whiteness was when both were known..
Is it that simple then? 
The intensity of everything, much more
when the contrast comes to play..

The emotion no less valuable, 
Just a lot keener, a lot stronger
with the contrast to lend value..

You rise from the depths,
The pleasure of the high - longer!
You fall from a height,
The fall - just harder

Love,just is
Pleasure,just is
Hope, just is
and Calm, just is..

But it also is not..

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Setting the world on fire

I thought I was setting the world on fire,
I forgot I was the center of my world
I burn this instant, by myself and bright
My vanity happy at the light, despite the pain,
The darkness around clears, but at what cost, I wonder?

Did I set myself free? 
Or did I imprison myself in a burnt out husk?
I burn bright this instant,unable to extinguish,
Powerless to change the course I have set in motion..

Too late to turn back, too late to hide- 
the bright light a dead give away, 
No longer the dark, my friend to surround me..
No longer the dark, my companion to protect me,

Unwittingly, I called upon his foe
Oh, why did i tempt fate so?

There is destruction - unseen, unimagined
My limited mind, having never perceived
the extent of the damage..

I reach out, then withdraw,
Destruction is sought not,
Even by the abnormal..
For there is just damage in the wake..
Was rebirth just another delusion?
Was I better off, hiding?
Should I have picked a delusion - with better chances of survival?
Could I have?