Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Onion tears

I stand in front of the mirror,
Removing the mask that I wear..
My face sets, a slight grimace, 
Reminding me of the discomfort. 

Then I notice the one I effortlessly sport,
Still hidden under.
The pain is much lesser as I remove this one,
For it does help with just the minor nuances. 

I look at myself, the face beneath the two layers,
Staring at it,
Wondering, if that a mask can be.
I almost miss it, but there it is,
The tiny piece of perfection,
Attempting to negate a blemish. 

I wade into my eyes,
Uncovering depths unknown before,
And stop.

How many layers?
How many masks?

Are my masks like the layers of an onion?
When removed, revealing a nothingness?
But can nothingness really exist?
Doesn't even an atom of reality count?
But then, what is reality?

We are but figments if our own imaginations.
I might as well forget shedding onion tears. 
Harini Padmanabhan

Endless Cycles

I believe in dreams,
I really do.
Those that keep me awake at nights,
Those that put me into a stupor - in broad day light.

I believe in the power of hope,
It is effortless in fact, to lean on hope -
The gift from Pandora long ago,
The white dove, so popular nowadays.

I believe in the force of desires,
Wishes, Yearning, Longing, Craving,
Any word I want to use to describe,
This indescribable feeling within.

Inevitable, it always will be,
To get what you truly seek.
Life is really simple that way.

How do I then seek,
What I really need?
How will I ever know,
What I really need?
Life, is really complicated that way.

Indescribable emotions surge through me,
As I watch the same story unfold,
Story of my life- with different players.

Forgotten memories surface,
Moments, I got all that I sought,
Moments, I realised what I no longer did.

Is life then, just an incessant reenactment,
Just with a new cast?
Is that why dreams come true - in a fashion?
Which story am I role playing now?

Monday, July 16, 2018

Remembering Prague

Two things I think I will never forget about Prague:

1. Agatha - The best companion I could have asked for in the rainy Prague evenings. Airbnb is a blessing and I cannot thank the founders enough as I enjoy stays with really super pleasant hosts. Will I become a host someday? I really wonder and wish that can be something I try at least once. 

2. Vintage vehicles owning cobblestone paved streets.

More about 2 in a bit. I will finish my long post on the Prague castle and post it sooner than later. 

Baking craze

My Sunday evening experiment for guests - Chocolate dry fruit cake served with butterscotch ice cream.

Think I have figured out one recipe that will work with variations to the theme. My first attempt I think at posting a recipe online.


Milkmaid -200g
Butter 100g
Maida - 100 g
Chocolate powder - 2 tsp
Almonds, Walnut, Raisins (as per your wish) but cut it into tiny pieces. You can make the cake without this also
Vanilla essence - 1 tsp

Beat the melted butter and milkmaid till it is consistent. Keep aside
Mix Maida and other dry ingredients together with a little baking powder and vanilla essence.
Mix both the wet and dry mixes together until it is super smooth. I try adding in small portions and beating it before adding more. That works for me.

While this is happening, preheat your oven to 180C.

Line your tin and spread the batter in it. Now, place the baking tin in your convection oven and let it be for 22 minutes. A yummy cake is ready!

Friday, July 13, 2018

Chasing the clouds

It has been raining off and on in Bangalore. I am really enjoying the weather while cursing it as it has thrown a monkey wrench in my walking plans.

I have managed to walk a couple of times last week and every time I felt like I was chasing the clouds..

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

When I bake

My second cake - Chocolate and almond cake without egg. I am so happy with how it came out and how it tastes. I tried a caramel sauce with raisins and I might as well eat it myself.

Nobody but me has tasted it yet, but the look on these two faces gives me a lot of hope:

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Windmills of Netherlands

This was the only Windmill I saw in Netherlands. It was not functioning either. Put it down to my extreme laziness to not go beyond Leimuiden and parts of Amsterdam. So, the traditional dutch feel for the readers of this blog - My lone windmill. One of the most prominent symbols of the country, but still all alone and non functional. Can i still call it a symbol?