Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Over months and years,
learnt i have this lesson true...
Nothing lasts forever
this includes relationships too.

In they come,
shower their love,
boost your confidence
share real joy,
give loads of happiness...

they easily disappear
in the storms of time....

It lashes out
with all its fury
either early or a bit late..
sometimes fate
is lenient
and it never comes
any date.

Ravaged you stand,
woe begone
thinking you are
now all alone
in a zone
of hopeless solitude.

Decide you do
with a vigour too
that nothing is anyday true..

Watch you transfixed,
as love flows in
and glues together
the broken pieces
of your heart...

Somehow i feel
love,like energy,
can never be destroyed.
Flows it does
from one form to another.
Lasts it does

Befriend you may
your enemy
of yester year..
Hate with all your heart
your friend
once too dear.

There will always
be someone near
to forever cheer
and help you hear
words of confidence
echoing in the depths
of your soul....

Nailed it is
to your body
by just simple love.

Soul-less you become,
the moment you forget
how to love
lose you will
your will to live

Days will go on..
just on and on
sans joy
sans a smile,
or a tear
and a word of cheer

Difficult it is
to anyday let go...
but care anyway

Difficult it is to recover
but allow your emotions to flower.

For anyone that goes,
someone else comes in..
and life just goes
on and on and on.....

The long wait

Like a lightning..
it stuck out…

Easily it did..
wipe away memories real sweet..

Times of sorrow,joy and happiness,
near me u stood..
the loving hand never far away.

A moment of anger,
out came words,
somehow dear friend,
they left a scar in the depths of our souls.

All broken devastated
i stood all alone..
wanting a simple smile
a tiny hint telling me,
everything was ok…

Never did it ever come….
Stood I waiting
and waiting..

A heavy heart,
brought me down..
With a thud
I fell
and lay there..

No one near to care..
This sorrow-
I couldn’t bear
Real affection I guess
is real rare..

In my eye there is
many a tear…

A sudden explosion
sent tiny pieces of my heart
Flying around
No use searching for
the broken pieces..
For lost they are
in the waves of time..

Wait I still
for that tiny hint..
Telling me
everything is just the way
It always was…
Wait I will
even for an eternity
Just for that tiny smile
and the minute
nod of your head