Saturday, November 26, 2005

Have a writers block

Here i am stuck for words...just staring into space...wondering where all my inspiration has disappeared.
Ages since i penned down a poem.That is too much esp for a person who used to burst into poetry just like that.Is it the system of examinations' victory over creativity? Was i too engrossed in preparing that i lost my creativity? But wasnt it the same system which inspired many of my poems? Oh! What a loss it will be! The loss of creativity... Someone save me..Please.


Wilted flowers, I have often
seen in numerous gardens.
I have passed through graveyards
and watched them disappear
through a corner window.

Death, I said
was as real as life.
Death, I felt,
was as important as life.
Death- just a journey
to an unknown land.

Time-can easily heal wounds.

Today, I stand unable to accept
and acknowledge your loss
Death- no longer seems to be real
or to be a journey.

Death, now is the cruel monster
that took you away from me..
that stole the laughter from my lips
and the sparkle from my eyes
and the very happiness from my soul.

With all my heart, I want you back
just to say at least a goodbye.
I want you to hold me and tell me
that you will always be there for me.
Life today has lost its meaning.
The only thing I want
is to see you walk past me.