Friday, November 10, 2006

Scary week

Well i shouldnt actually be blogging now. I should be sitting with my book and learning all designs and stuff. I have a very scary week ahead starting with a test morrow. Its my favorite subject and i have absolutely no clue as to how to set about scoring in this test. Come monday and my long pending LOP(Lab Oriented Project) has to be started. Another test on tuesday--production techniques. Then comes advanced mechanics of solids and my viva on PROE. In the middle i have to meet my prof and give my viva for transport phenomenon. Oh God. If i survive this week, i really have something to celebrate. In Johny mnemonic, Keanu reeves increases his brain capacity to 320 GB. Do i want to do that!!

Friday, November 03, 2006


Down the lane, she walked

In the midst of a huge crowd

Faces, faces and faces everywhere

All around they crowded

Laughing, talking, angry faces

Crushing her from all sides

Unaware of everything

she just walked,

like a zombie

emotions dead… long ago

Walking with memories…

Of days long gone…

Days filled with laughter,

joy and life…

days when she ruled

when praise abounded

when life was livable.

Somehow, she felt,

she had lived only then.

Now she existed…

mindless of life around,

mindless of hateful scorns,

mindless of practicalities,

just not forgetting

to breathe

painfully aware, only of…

her solitude.


I was just glancing through my old diary..found few poems i'd written.I've grown over these six years..I thought I'd blog them.comments are welcome.

The lonely star

Everything is dark in the sky
With no birds to fly..
There's no one near me
to feel and see and experience
the magic.
The moon playing
hide and seek
with me.
This cloud now
and then that..
I notice a star
just too far
Neither can i reach out
nor can it hear my shout
of welcome and joy..
Very bright,
yet isolated..
It taught me a lesson today
Alone you may be
But shine on
Many a lonely heart
can seek solace in your light...

A broken wing

There in the high sky,
I saw a bird fly..
I forgot to cry
It gave me courage to try.
Its wings were broken
but nots its spirits
Where am I?
I mourn over disappointments
I forget I'm important
The bird,taught me a lesson..
My burdens did lessen.
Life, is not permanent..
one must concentrate on improvement
there comes happiness
then disappears--
all weakness
I forgot worries
My face did shine..
Oh! my little bird..
Ill worship you..
in my shrine..