Friday, December 22, 2006

Holidays at last

Here i am once again..enjoying my holidays.. probably for one of the last times. I have been home for the past 5 days. I have successfully watched some 3 movies.. none too impressive. 'Veyil' was actually decent. The age old story of mans need to be accepted by people around. Most of all, by his own father. He ultimately ends up sacrificing his life. That is something i dont get. I mean, even i want to be accepted by everyone but i dont go about giving up my life for that. Do I? So many movies and books talk about people like that. Living for others. I detest such people actually. Live for yourself first. Then bother about those around you. Even in this movie, the man sits around cribbing as to how no one accepts him. How can they? When all he can do is crib?Rather than running around with a knife and killing all the enemies, had he gotten himself a job and acted like a man, half the problem wouldnt have started. Well, I have written something after a long time. Guess i can start commenting on movies from now on. It would be fun too!!