Thursday, January 25, 2007

Changing times..

well.. almost a month gone by since i came back to college. I have had major fun this sem what with my friends using their digi cams to the max. lots of wonderful moments to treasure.. a friends birthday, a festival with everyone wearing sarees and actig like mature women...few special moments of happiness with friends. I have done many things which i have never tried before. I was too caught up with a different world. I am glad something happened because of which i could come out of my old world and find happiness and peace in areas i never suspected i would. I am for once, glad i lost something. But then, a loss is still a loss. No matter how many new things come in, sometimes, the mind does unwittingly wander back and think and wish.. Wishes which are only in vain for nothing useful is going to come out of mere wishes. Sometimes, i wanted life to have a rewind button. I could then go back and do things in a different way. Now, when i look at those instances, due to what i have lost then, i have gained something much much better somewhere else. What i once thught was a great tragedy is something i laugh about now. What i once thought was the most embarassing thing is now so funny and i just cant help convincing myself nowadays that any difficulty i face is but a funny incident for the future. I am a lot more at peace with myself and with the world..I have finally understood.."Nothing can be done by changing the face but everything can be done by facing the change!"

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A bright new year

well..10 days since the bright new year begun. Once again i am far away from home in this tiny village called pilani which has become my home away from home. One more semester to face. Hopefully a successful and enlightening one. I have taken up a project in an area am not all that familiar with. Only time can tell me of what use it is going to be. Whether i complete it or not, am planning to learn something useful. Life afterall is just like a college. Only thing is you dont get a degree. The satisfaction you get out of living can be the only reward!