Monday, March 19, 2007

Bad day

I am just so irritated with life today. Acting as mature as a chimpanzee. ( I hope no chimapnzee reads this blog). Nothing is more frustrating than living with a constant irritation whose origin you dont know. I am over my writers block now. ( A silver lining) but then, what am dishing out is not totally positive. That just reminds me that am afterall an immature chimpanzee sometimes. I have never bothered about critics (being a very severe one myself) but today i really would appreciate critcism in some form or the other.

10 lines that cropped up in my head...

There are just too many thoughts in my head today. Some things i've read but forgot from where. Some things i just came up with. Thought id tpe them down and enjoy them someday later!!

You actually miss someone/something only because of its absence in our life. Not because you really want it. Once ou finally get it, even that,loses its charm

Cherish yourself because you are a star. All of us evolved from star dust!!!

Understanding is never the key to peace. It is acceptance. For with acceptance comes forgiveness and then understanding.

Familiarity doesnt always breed contempt. Sometimes you get so used to people you stay with that you finally learn to tolerate them. :) familiarity breeds tolerance too!!!

And my favorite quote this sem "Nothing can be done by changing the face but everything can be done by facing the change"

Love isnt all about becoming somebody else's perfect person. Its about finding someone who helps you become the best person ou can be.

You dont stop growing up when you are 18 or 21. Its a life long process. Life brings so many lessons our way. One should be open minded enough to learn even when 70!

Success is not about winning every war that comes your way. Its more about how you went about it.

It is better to have tried and failed than to have never tried at all

Always beleive in your dreams, for a life sans hope is like the bud that never blosssomed.

Sunday, March 18, 2007


I somehow, am still at a loss as to how the mere word "leader" give so much of a superiority complex to a person. But then man is afterall a social animal. A social one but an animal neverthless. An animal who is ready to kill to establish his superiority or rather to just show he can. Around the same time last year, i had one of the worst shocks in my life. More than the incident, it was the fact that it was a so called friend of mine who did it was what hurt me. The incident would be forgotten someday but the betrayal? I guess never. How could one foresake a friend just to satisfy a bloated up ego? Every semester, in this college of my dreams, i learn a lot. I am not talking about the class room lessons. I am talking about the numerous matter of fact incidents that i happen to see almost everyday of my life. Incidents about which i ponder. Incidents which make me lose respect for a person, help me find out real friends, which sometimes, show me how a seemingly meek person is so resolute. In short, my lessons of life. Lessons which i guess i can never forget. I have grown up a lot. But still, am not mature enough. For tiny incidents i am still shocked. I dont exactly like these lessons in growing up, for i can never confidently call anyone my friend, never easily trust people like i used to. But i guess, its all for my own survival. For its still about the survival of the fittest. (can also be read as the smartest...not the CG wise smartest.. i mean.. the one with street smarts..)

The bright side

Like a whiff of spring
in cold winter,
u came into my life
slowly transforming
my ice cold heart..

You easily succeeded in melting
the snow of snobbery..
Somehow, just like that
you easily transformed
my way of looking at life...

What was once just
another life..
living for the heck of it
is now a very meaningful one...

Thanks, i guess,
is too little to say..
For sans you,
life was just cold..
and barren..

Want i do..
you forever in my life..
Just there..helping me out
through every difficulty..
with your mere presence..

Love I do,
the life i see now..
the one with fake, shallow people
and the real, loving ones
who care..

The latter i never
recognised before..
The latter i never
appreciated before..
Though they were always there..
Right by my side..
protecting, cherishing me..

Stopped i have
accusing this world
for, growing up
is all about
differentiating and choosing
and not just about
being critical
and cribbing...

Life is lovely...
as long as you want it to be
as long as u can
give much more than
what you take..


Why oh why
ar people so fake?
They come around with smiles so huge
hug you and wish you
all the while wondering
how and when to stab
you in the back..

Cheerfully, they dish out compliments...
Happily, they accompany you
down the lane of self destruction..

Why oh why
are people so shallow?
Did the real ones disappear
somewhere in the way?

Changed it has..
my outlook on this world
no longer am I
able to take things at face value..

For somewhere in my head,
a warning bell continues to chime..
Words are just words..
sans real feelings, they just disappear
down the lane of nonsense...

Regret I do
this loss of innocence...
The younger me,
loved life a lot more
the younger me,
had a lot of fun..
The younger me...
found joy
in the tiniest of instances...

Sometimes i just wish...
i could time travel..
back to the good old times...

Wishes..of no use..
dreams, that can never come true..
still the optimist in me,
continues to...

Thursday, March 01, 2007


Finally, am a bit relaxed after a hectic schedule. four tests in a row, with tutorials and to crown it all regular classes, vivas and incomplete projects! I have time today to blog. Started playing badminton from day before. I am planning to play everyday. With my absolutely unhealthy body, i have to allot some time for myself. One to two hours per day sould suffice. There's another idea too.. (IDEA... NOT RESOLUTION). Maybe i should cut down on snacks and quit eating out! Well it might be over doing it if i start it immediately!!
Today the PS results were announced. I know am talking like its some great examination result, but it sure did test my patience. I now ultimately got what i wanted. So, from july to december 2007, i shall be pursuing my practice school. Cool thing is that all my friends will also be off campus when i am. That makes me all the more happier. I have started appreciating relationships nowadays. I feel much more happier and complete because of this! Strange life is.

Whenever a window closes somewhere, i guess one should look around rather than crib, for there will definitely be an open door somewhere!