Friday, May 25, 2007


SHe stood there
her eyes mirroring
her sorrow..

It was a simple word..
One word
broke her heart
Never did she think
it would end this way

Never did one word
seem to hurt so much

Longingly she looked
for one last time
with all her heart wanting it

The construction set beckoned
all red and brand new
With the final look,
she followed her father out

Holding the other doll
tightly in her hands..
thinking about
the red set
sitting in the shelf.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

A brilliant journey

I am finally home after some 3 months. The train i came in was just 19hrs late and i had to miss the connecting train to my place. It was reason enough to crib. But for a change, i did not feel like it at all. It was an Ac train and i had all my close friends with me. We had a brilliant time together. Something i can look back to some few months later. The next time i see them would be in 2008. Maybe by some twist of fate, we would meet earlier. But considering the worst case scenario, i was thankful even for the delayed train.
From chennai to madurai, i got the last seat in an air bus. I was seated near a totally drunk guy.Now drinking and smoking are two vices i absolutely detest. The sensible conductor put me near a lady who was sitting alone. I was happy with the arrangement. But then, a very old couple with two kids got in and demanded the seat i was in. Back i went to the drunk chap. I was really tired after the train journey and was hoping to sleep in the bus. All hopes shattered, i just sat there. Somehow thankfully in my nice mood, i considered this as an experience.My plans of working in unknown faraway places came in to my head. 'This could be a good way to convince yourself you can survive alone.' Maybe, it was my positive attitude or maybe, it was my lucky day. A lady in the bus, got her husband to exchange seats with me. I was able to get my long needed sleep finally.