Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ramas poem

niya en nilave !!
rasithen unadhu aalandha alagiya aanmaiyai,
unadhu aanavamilla menmaiyana garvathai,
un uvamai illa ganniyathai ,
un oppatra thoranaiyai,
un mounathaal ne uraikum kavidhaigalai,
un idhlooram pookum melliya punnagaiyai
brahmithen unnai kandavudan naan seiyum vaarthai thedalai
sugithen unnaval naan unmeedhu konda kaadhalai,
yaasithen indha iniya iravu enrenrum needika.

en iruda valvirku oli serthadhu
unnai ariyamal en mel vilundha un bimbam,
adhai en ullathin ul araiyil bathiramaga vaithu pooti konden.
inru ennidam ulladhu un bimbam mattum thaan !

naan virumbadha indha vidiyal
uyarthiyadu en neer nilaiyai..
thaneerinal alla unnai enni naan sindhiya kan neerinnal !!
indha peroli en ovovru anuvirkum oli serthu ennai prakasika seidhalum
naan valvadho un kadai kan paarvai kaga mattum thaan !

unnudan kanavil valndha andha uraindha kannangalai mattum enni kondu
adarndha irulai noaki
thelindha in neerodaiyin payanam !!

A tamil poem by rama

sil enra kaatru...shruthiketra paatu..
yedhirolikum kuralgal...galagala vena
ennai sutri mugam arindha makkal..
irupinum adargiradhu thanimai !
kodumaiyilum kodumai !!

thaayin thalai kodhum viralgal
thandhaiyin kannil minnum paasam
sagodharanin sinnanchiru siripu,
thozhi in anbana oru anaipu
thozhanin urukamana kai kulukal

ivai anaithum en manadhidam sollamal sonna
uraika iyalla uyir oviyangal..
indha mounathai ennul vidhaitha
indha sogathai vaditha visithira sirpigal
indha thanimai parisalitha paasamigu

yetren andha parisai...
pudhaithen enadhu varthaigalai...
thodarandhen en payanathai...ninaivugaludan

thanandhaniyaga !!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The scarf

He wore a handsome smile
Travelling all alone
His road stretched in front of him.
Content, He inhaled deeply
The smoke from the vehicles,greeted him.
Unscathed, he moves forth
with his smile, unaffected.
Noon it was then.
Lots of smoke he had inhaled.
As if to protect himself,
he took out his scarf.
The tears from his eyes
fell down pretty quick
drenching the land below.
Just for a few moments though
Recovering, he moved forth.
His scarf, he still sported
and continued riding
his chariot-with seven horses.

Mere mortals scared by his scarf,
get ready to shield themselves
with umbrellas-brand new.

Monday, July 23, 2007

The royal lady

In the middle of the concrete jungle,
there she stands,alone and erect
looking down at the passersby
confused and lost,most of them are
A stark contrast to the mighty lady
standing proudly amidst those unlike her.
Inhales she does, the same suffocating exhaust.
Her every breath though,saves many a life.

What has she gained?
Living here away from her kin
in a foreign place,
an unwelcoming one at that.

Years ago, she'd begged a ride
from the friendly wind
that cast her on an empty plot.
Generations she watched fly by
Changes she witnessed
for each one that went by.

The soil that nourished her
fertile no more
the company she had,long gone
Gone back to the soil,
back to the place called eternity

Her children,she had sent away
as far as they could go
An occasional wisp of wind
brought forth news of them.

Was she happy or was she sad??
Even the wind,her friend
who whispered numerous secrets to her
could never tell.
No one could know
No one i guess, ever bothered.
She just stood there, all alone,
majestic and mighty
Chasing death away
with the mere nod of her head.
The royal lady i really adore.

5 mistakes on a sunday afternoon

I guess ill never forget this day for few months at least. It was a fine Sunday morning. I had a brilliant breakfast and set off with my friend to shop in the garden city. We shopped till both of us were damn tired.Thats when we made mistake no 1. We got into a bus that stopped some two stops away from where we were supposed to go. ( Her house.) After traveling comfortably for quite some time, we did mistake no 2. We got down in a traffic signal. It was some 1.5kms from home. Then we went forth to do mistake no 3. Too lazy to walk, we hired an auto. He asked for twenty bucks. Grudgingly we accepted and got in. Thats when mistake no 4 happened. When the autowala took a right turn,instead of going straight, we assumed he was taking a short cut. The thought of rushing home for a good lunch made us throw caution to the wind. He went throw deserted roads.(Now in banglore,thats something almost absent.) Finally he came to the main road.There were directions to get to kolar, manglore and banglore city from there. That did it.I asked him if he knew where he was going.(In my almost perfect Hindi.) He just muttered something about a road being blocked. (Mistake no 5,We should have realized there was no road block as we'd traveled through that road hardly 4 hours back!) Sadly, we let him go to his right turning. We landed up farther away from home. We were a)lost b)tired and c) looking at a meter which read Rs.65!
Convincing him to stop, we argued with him for a further 15 minutes about how much he actually should get. ( i guess people in that road had enough entertainment to last for their Sunday afternoon.)
Finally, thrusting a 50 Rupee note in his hand, i walked towards the bus stand, tired but wiser mouthing all possible bad words i knew.
I still dont know if he was smart enough to sense that we were new to the city or if i was dumb to have gotten into an auto in the first place.
Lessons for the day
a)Never get into an auto in banglore
b)If you know an area well, walk the distance. Dont be lazy!
c)Buy a banglore city map!
If you still think you are smarter than me, (which i guess you anyway will) go ahead! Lighten your purse!

Monday, July 09, 2007

My inner hero!

My Inner Hero - Wizard!

I'm a Wizard!

There are many types of magic, but all require a sharp mind and a cool head. There is no puzzle I can't solve, no problem I can't think my way out of. When you feel confused or uncertain, you can always rely on me to untangle the knots and put everything back in order for you.

How about you? Click here to find your own inner hero.

The potter Mania

The harry potter mania is all around.What with the 5th movie being released this weekend and the seventh book sometime this month. I am not a very great fan of potter.I enjoyed the first two books a lot.The same can not be said of the rest.I just read all six because i had to.
I was just watching the first three movies yesterday(the credit of making me a couch potato goes to HBO!) I then set about thinking as to who my favorite character actually was.Surprisingly,I realized my favorite character did not feature in the first two books.Sirius hands down won the race ahead of Lupin,Malfoy and Snape.
I just love Sirius's loyalty and his sense of humor.It was his loyalty to his friend that kept him alive and sane in the place everyone was going mad in.He was able to handle a lot of stress.I realized,that in real life, I'd like to be a mixture of Sirius and lupin.The one nice thing about potter series is the underlying philosophy in each book and the inner strength and beauty of all her characters.Even the dark ones are characterized very beautifully and sensibly.
I'm just trying to relate fact and fiction by observing the homo sapiens around me and searching for the traits i read about in them.