Tuesday, January 15, 2008

10 lines that caught my attention

  • It is with life as with a tale. Not how long it is but how good is what matters.
  • Beauty is not a thing but a special way of looking.
  • To be wronged is nothing unless you insist on remembering it.
  • Anytime you take offence, find out how you helped the offender.
  • When you speak of reality, you are trying to put the inexpressible in words.So your words are certain to be misunderstood.
  • Those who make no mistake are making the biggest mistake of all. They are attempting nothing new.
  • The enlightened person is one who sees that everything in the world is perfect exactly as it is.
  • Words are the score-not the music;the menu-not the food;the signpost-not the journeys end.
  • None throws stone at barren trees.
  • Love is the key to good life. Not religion or law.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Of new years and last days

Funny thing.The year is new.These days are the last but.Of my student life. (atleast in BITS) The next few months are going to decide my near future. With placements and psenti sem enthu, I am kinda taken back to 2004.I was in a similar state of mind then. The last 3 and half years of my life have been amazing in this wonderful place called BITS. Guess all good things must end and better things begin.:) Planning to say a proper goodbye to my home away from home in the next four and half months.