Wednesday, March 26, 2008


i dedicate this post to my ceaseless effort (around say an hour and a half) to memorise german rhymes!Have half an hour more to get them into my head.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Pogadhe Pogadhe nee irunthal naan iruppein...
Pogadhe Pogadhe nee pirinthaal naan irappein...
Unnoda vaazhntha kaalangal yaavum kanavai ennai mooduthadi..
yaar endru neeyum ennai paarkum pothu uyire uyir poguthadi
Kalarayil kooda jannal ondru vaithu unthan mugam paarpenadi.

Dont go... If you are here ill exist..
Dont go.. If you part, ill die..
Every moment spent with you closes me like a dream..
When you look at me wondering who i am.. my love, life goes away..
Even in my coffin, ill have a window to look at your face.

Pogadhe Pogadhe nee irunthal naan iruppein...
Pogadhe Pogadhe nee pirinthaal naan irappein...

Dont go... If you are here ill exist..
Dont go.. If you part, ill die..

Kalainthaalum megam athu meendum methakkum
athu pola thaane unthan kaadhal enakkum
Nadaipathai vilakka kaadhal vizhuntha udan anaipatharku
Nerupaalum mudiyathamma ninaivugalai azhipatharku
Unakaga kaathiruppen..
Uyirodu paarthiruppein...

Even if it loses its shape, the cloud floats again
Thats how your love is for me..
Is love a street lamp that you extinguish once it falls?
Even fire cannot wipe away my memories
Ill wait for you
My life will look for you..

Pogadhe Pogadhe nee irunthal naan iruppein...
Pogadhe Pogadhe nee pirinthaal naan irappein...

Dont go... If you are here ill exist..
Dont go.. If you part, ill die..

Azhagana neram athai nee thaan koduthai
Azhiyatha sogam athayum nee thaan koduthai
Kan thoongum neram paarthu kadavul vanthu ponathu pol
En vaazhvil vanthe ponai emarram thaangalaiye..
Pennae nee illamal
poologam irutiduthe..

You gave me a beautiful time..
It was you that gave me this sorrow that does not go away..
Just like God who came in when eyes are closed
you came and disappeared from my life i cant take the disappointment
Oh Girl without you
The world is dark.

Pogadhe Pogadhe nee irunthal naan iruppein...
Pogadhe Pogadhe nee pirinthaal naan irappein...

Dont go... If you are here ill exist..
Dont go.. If you part, ill die..

Dont think i have done a good job at translation. There is no poetry in the translation. But i like this song a lot. And preethy.. This one is for you..i still find that line romantic. :P

Thursday, March 20, 2008

One flew over the cuckoo's nest

I just finished watching this movie. I dunno what to say. I dont know if i like it or not. It is a decent movie to watch and ya it will set you thinking if you are in the right mood for it. (My watch says 2 A.M and here i am writing.) I could not avoid connecting this movie with one of my favorite books Veronika decides to die. The characters voluntarily branding themselves insane. It is something i guess everyone does once in a while. Escaping reality. How do you describe sanity anyway? I mean who is he/she to judge someone to be mad? Does a certificate saying you are a nurse/doctor give you that? Each one of us has a streak of insanity deep in us. How often it manifests itself is i guess how you measure your degree of sanity or insanity. Or maybe how often you steer away from convention.
Standing out seems to be what everyone wants to do but does not. Wanting to live up to expectations of others always extinguishes the flame in a person.Sometimes...the society blows out the flame too.. The best part in this movie to me was the end. I have this crazy liking for movies that instil in you a sense of hope. Though life is not as rosy as it seems, all is not lost as long as there is hope.
I know i have said very little about the movie (you can read it in a review if interested.) I just wanted to jot down what was going on in my head. We follow rules and do our so called duties in order to keep our life in order. But is it right to continue doing something though it does not meet the end it was designed for?(those who have watched the movie will know i am talking about the nurse here.) Each one of us are so caught up in doing things that we seldom think about why we do them. In a way no different from the nurse. I think power comes from within. A person with real power would be able to inspire everyone around. Not everyone's life can be changed. But to the few that can be, this power is invaluable.
And if anyone has bothered to read the whole thing.. THANKS. :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mobile Madness

An average person spends 7-10 hours per week on phone. We were blessed with a driver who spoke that much per day. Thanks to him our site seeing was very very adventurous. Our hero has this habit of driving with his left hand while using his right to hold his extended ear(I am referring to his cell). He asks about the sunrise direction, the harvest in a season, some camel's health and such essential questions while driving. We started from the thar desert camp at jaisalmer. In the road leading to Jodhpur, there was this water lorry in front of us. Sir is talking into the phone about the scenery to some XYZ. The lorry driver suddenly turns. Our driver hits the break and brilliantly hit the vehicle in front. Though the lorry driver had not signalled the turn, the mistake was on him also as if he had swerved we could have avoided the vehicle. The seven of us became museum pieces with everyone in the village coming to stare at the car while he was arguing for money.He happily got compensation from the sarpanch. He got into the car and started yapping again. Describing the accident in detail. Not understanding the reason still.When we asked him to switch off the cell phone, he said that things which are supposed to happen will happen anyway and it was not because of his phone! I am still thankful nothing happened to the seven of us.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Sometimes i wish i never wished. I dont have a genie to grant my wishes..(the i dream of jeannie effect).. but then somehow when what i wants happens i end up regretting it sometime later. Does this reflect my pathetic taste or the ever changing world i seriously dont know. Right now i will say it is the world.Is it wrong to want to be happy?? Is it such a sad thing to wish for?? I mean cant the right dream ever come true? And i am just hyping up the whole thing. Just cos one or two things went wrong. Just cos i had a minor discomfort.

Just cos i had to endure 2.5 hours of crap. Come on. It was not totally crap. The
"supposed" romantic scenes had me in splits. It was a good Time Pass movie for my psenti sem. Something something unakkum enakkum it seems. Cant believe i almost stalked pradhija trying to get this movie. Cant belive m.. i am not saying anything. I value my safety. Poor Rama.
 V for Vendetta and few scenes of this! Good thing she left soon. Or maybe it is just that Variety is
 the spice of life. :D

I had a nice time laughing. Target achieved. Thats all for now i guess. I better sleep. I like breakfast tomorrow and i dont want to miss it.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Thullovatho Ilamai???

I was dumb enough to waste a part of my life on a stupid and sensationalised movie like this. 

1.Which school allows such short skirts?
2. How will you be quiet if an idiot catches your leg in front of the assembly?
3. Why is everyone always blaming their parents?
4.Why does everything have a sexual reference? Is that all the director could think of?
5. If a moustache is stuck and a uniform put on can a songi look like a mature man??
6. Is it that girls are dumb or i am smart?

I just had to chuck the movie half way. Sorry diro no msg sunk in. I was just amazed by the 
cheapness  of the whole thing.
P.S Good songs but