Monday, June 30, 2008


She has a nice smile. Thats the first thing Sowmya thought when she saw Deepa. It was 5 years since they first met. Friendship in first sight. Could it be called so? Why did people dispute her when she called it so?Dint they romanticize this concept of l0ve at first sight? Spend time writing books about it. The dumber ones buying it by the dozen?Sowmya felt people gave too much of importance to this love.So much that other relationships went to the background.
She was still angry with Deepa. For what she could never exactly say. Was it cos she fell for the wrong guy? Man rather. Or, was it cos she was neglecting their relationship thanks to the new found one? What was there in this four letter word that people gave up everything for it?What was so special about a person that you cant think of anyone else? What elevates a normal human being to a divine status? Why do people stoop to such low levels to see someone happy? She never could answer these questions.
Lost in thought she opened her door. ALways one for order and cleanliness, Sowmya couldn't stand dirt. Her friends always commented that one could eat off her floor than a mess plate. 'A place for everything and everything in its place.' Her motto since school. She was irritated looking at the mess in the hall. Prints everywhere. Oh! Why did he walk through those puddles? His food lay scattered on the floor. It was so difficult to make him eat healthy! The bedroom was in a pathetic state. All sheets were thrown on the floor. He had happily run over them too. It would take hours to wash the stuff off.This was the limit. She searched around for Tom.
There he was hiding under the bed. One look from his eyes, she couldnt even reproach him. Just opened her bag and took out "Crunchit Dog biscuits" Maybe this would woo him out. 'Come here boy! Look at what i've got for you!' She called out to him. He came running realising she was not angry with him. She happily watched him eat. Bed sheetscan be washed. Houses can be cleaned. But TOM?? What will he do without her?
There she was the girl who loved a dog. Was it the absence of someone that made her direct her affections so?? Someday maybe her love would be redirected to a human being. Should it be though?
Sigh.. i am not blogging at all! Not cos of lack of time. I am free most mornings. I am just so lazy. Guess the bangalore weather is doing something to me. Thanks to my timings i am able to sleep in late. Decided to get rid of my laziness. Planning to enrol in french or german classes. I am supposed to have a flair for languages. Hope it is helpful!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


For it is the wait
that makes life
more interesting
A wait.. for something better
A want to stand out
A drive to succeed
What is life
if sans wait
everything lands
on our plate?!
Doesnt the wait
make the prize
Doesn't it really remind you
of what you really want
in this life?
Doesn't it make you ponder
all the more?
My fellow machines
wait a while
to oil yourself
Rev up and go ahead
Everything needs to rest
Everything needs a wait!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Just entered the corporate world.. Stunned and awed for now. Guess ill get used to it with time..

Monday, June 02, 2008

GATI sucks. Before they can slam a suit on my face (does that happen in india??) Let me explain. I had couriered 2 bags from pilani to madurai. They were supposed to be delivered on may 21st.. Finally i got them 10 minutes back. Both bags torn. Luggage totally in a disarray. All my momentos broken. My clothes torn and the order in which they are arranged changed. HOW COULD THEY DO IT!!!!!!!!!!! SO USELESS AND CARELESS! Is this how effective such courier companies are? Is there going to be any use suing such people? It'll take years. WHERE IS JUSTICE AND WHERE THE HELL IS RESPONSIBILITY! Just because people wont argue these guys are so goddamn careless. I sent the luggage back. Must go collect it later. I HATE CARELESS IRRESPONSIBLE PEOPLE. Your job is what feeds you. Cant you even do it properlY!