Friday, October 31, 2008


The name tells you everything about the movie. Its damn silly. I was bored enough to sit through the whole movie. I had a nice time laughing. What else can one do when the hero who is surrounded by villans is able to dodge bullets? For those of you there who say it happens in every tamil movie, all i have to say is, it is bugging! Our great invincible hero who is a doctor, escapes from the russian police(who have obviously caught an innocent man) and runs around without a passport.But he magically gets money whenever he wants it. For those of you who want logic, go watch something else.There are a lot more lapses in logic throughout the movie.. (did i tell you about the scene where the hero disappears into the water and is saved after he miraculously comes up despite wearing a fur coat??) But the funniest and dumbest thing in the movie is the heroine. (Kangana i guess) Which female would get a cell phone from a complete stranger? Who is dumb enough to fall for a guy she has hardly spoken with? ( Love seems to be such a comfortable excuse to people.) The second heroine is a modern woman with sense who tells the hero she would save him. ( After reading this woman with sense bit, do you think a guy would fall for her?) No offense meant but men seem to prefer empty headed women to ones with sense. ( I am talking about tamil movies here. :D ) The only saving grace in the movie is that it has good songs. The scenery is really beautiful but it is spoilt by the dumb screenplay and the dumber story, where the hero finally finds out who is the killer as the killer and murdered person use the word "thanyavadh"( Somebody please tell the director that it is a word for thank you.) A half hearted attempt at a thriller which fails miserably as the suspense is too predictable and the screenplay pathetic. If you want to laugh, you know which movie to watch.( WOW! the lines rhymed. :D)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


A small brain...
But oh! What an ego!
A small mind convinced
its one among the greatest..
An invalid masking inefficiencies
labelling them fate.

The pot happily calling
kettles around black...
The soul too tainted
to accomplish
anything remarkable

But oh!
Just another heart
seeking solace,love,affection
and of course comfort
from a nameless source.
Is it nonexistent afterall?

Loneliness-A punishment
more cruel
I cannot think of..
Lonely in company,
Lonely in riches
Lonely in rags

A vampire slowly
sucking away hope
the blood of the soul
Oh! What it does to you..
This cruel world
sucking away hopes..
Leaving you all alone
to battle the scavengers
that seek
your soul-less body.

How can you battle?
No energy to lift a limb...
No tactic in a dead brain..
Oh! This loneliness
it drains your soul away
Leaving you a mere zombie..
All set to obey
any command
given out
with a hint of affection

So many out there
on a lookout
for zombies easy to train
easy to handle
sans hope
sans dreams
sans life

Just a shell left
Ah! Loneliness
What a wonderful
and powerful weapon you are
How i abhor you!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Random ramblings

A means to an end..
Is that what everything is all about?
a mere means?
Affectionate words..
seemingly selfless deeds,
sacrifices done
that never were..
Oh! Why was i taken in?
Is that all the world has to offer?
Is that all it ever can?

Words i hear
random ramblings..
i hope they are...
knowing fully well
they are just means
means to attain a horrible end..

Am i the reason to blame too?
Should i have recognised it before?
accepted the truth
the subconscious knew?
Was it all unreal?
The entire life lived..
just a mere lie..
I wish not..

One relationship long gone sour..
Somehow not letting me be..
Somehow not letting me rest..
a thought
a viral thought..
potent enough to kill
Was it all a lie!
Was there an inch of truth anywhere?
Was it all just a lie..
A means towards an end..

Why cant anything be
an end in itself?
I just plod along
trying to piece together
a broken heart
maybe someday
somewhere far far away
i would find it..
I clutch the pieces and run
though the roots let me not
Pull myself away totally
i cannot..
Push it away totally
i cannot..
Why! Why is life so cruel ?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The corner paragraph

Raj was sipping his morning coffee and turning the pages of the day's newspaper. Markets crashing all around. "How secure is my job?" He started to wonder. "They wouldnt fire me." He reassured himself thinking of the numerous qualifications behind his name. He had afterall worked for ten years in this industry. They wouldn't lose him. He chanced to look at a tiny paragraph in the corner of the page. "Youth killed in joy trip." "Youngsters these days have to be more careful." He said to his wife, without bothering to read through the news. The recent merger of giants ABC and DEF caught his fancy. " They must be looking for new people. I wonder if they can offer me a better package" The merger made him think how inadequate his company was. How low his pay was.There was a flash news in the TV about the boy. He switched it off and hurried to work in his new car.

Radha was reading her paper. More out of compulsion than wish. "Seema aunty keeps telling me how Rahul used to read the paper page by page. See he is in the IIM now. You should also go there." Her mom kept droning in the background. She missed the corner paragraph.

A dream to live for, A dream to sacrifice all thats yours. A dream powerful enough to kill the rest. A dream of what you want to be. To change, to succeed, to be the best. The fire that burns within you. Rahul wanted to prove himself to the world. He had come so far. He wanted to be the best in the industry once he entered it. He was leafing through the paper when he saw it. The corner paragraph. A trip. A sad death. For sometime, he thought about the poor by who died. Alone. "But dont we all die alone? Would dying with someone make it all better? Washed away by the water. Him and his dreams. What did he want from life?" He wondered. But Rahul was practical. He was getting delayed. He had an assignment to submit. He rushed out to his motorbike.

Priya was watching the telivision. There it was. His face. He was dead. Washed away by the river. The stranger whom she knew now due to his death. She saw his smiling face. "Why is he smiling? Is he happy its over?" She thought. Her conscience cursing her for it. Death had claimed another victim. Here a minute, gone the next. A man.. No just a boy who had his life to live. Did he also not do things as he was afraid of people? Afraid of words? Of the image he might get? Her life.. Its state. She was young. Death wouldnt touch her. She had enough time to achieve her dreams.She had been convinced. But here he was. Younger than her. Gone. " WHat am I doing with my life?" She wondered for the thousandth time.
SHe had married for love. A love which had proved to be a prision. One that kept her locked up in a golden cage.A well dressed plumed parrot. An entertaining one fed by paid hands, she thought as she watched the servant leave. Her college degree was gathering dust in a dust free zone. What if my life ended today? What do I have to lose? Would all these people I am so afraid of think about me for more than a week? Oh! How safe the dead see,. IT is all over for them. The living. They have the cross to bear.
For the past few weeks she had been considering leaving Raj and joining an MNC, or starting a business. The fear of failure, the fear of standing up alone against the unfriendly world did not let her do it. The face on TV seemed to haunt her. There was some connection she felt. His death and her life. Oh! Werent they similar? How alive was she? Where were her dreams? Where were her desires? What was she living for?
She decided to live. Her life and his. The unknown boy whose life was cut short. The boy who touched her in a mysterious way. She wanted to achieve. More importantly,to be alive. She slowly started reviving her dead dreams.

Ramu's parents were mourning his loss in their own ways. "It had to happen. You cant fight fate." His father consoled his mother. She just wished he had lived longer. "Oh! WHy dint Yama take me away instead?" she questioned her answerless husband.

Priya walked into DEF's office for an interview.

"The pollen of dead flowers
create many more
as fragnant as the dead.
An endless cycle this life
The dead, alive
The living, dead
awakened sometimes,
by the call
of the live dead."

Friday, October 10, 2008

Kehne Ko Jashan-E-Bahara Hai

A beautiful and well written song. Really love it.

Kehne Ko Jashan-E-Bahara Hai
Ishq Yeh Dekhke Hairaan Hai

Kehne Ko Jashan-E-Bahara Hai
Ishq Yeh Dekhke Hairaan Hai

Phool Se Khusboo Khafa Khafa Hai Gulsan Mein
Chupa Hai Koi Ranj Fiza Ki Chilman Mein

Sare Sehmein Nazare Hain
Soye Soye Vaqt Ke Dhare Hain
Aur Dil Mein Koi Khoyi Si Baatein Hain

Kehne Ko Jashan-E-Bahara Hai
Ishq Yeh Dekhke Hairaan Hai

Phool Se Khusboo Khafa Khafa Hai Gulsan Mein
Chupa Hai Koi Ranj Fiza Ki Chilman Mein

Kaise Kahen Kya Hai Sitam
Sochte Hai Abb Yeh Hum
Koi Kaise Kahen Woh Hai Ya Nahi Humare
Karte To Hai Saath Safar
Fasle Hain Phir Bhi Magar
Jaise Milte Nahi Kisi Dariya Ke Do Kinare

Pass Hain Phir Bhi Paas Nahi
Humko Yeh Gum Raas Nahi
Seeshe Ki Ek Diware Hai Jaise Darmiyan

Sare Sehmein Nazare Hain
Soye Soye Vaqt Ke Dhare Hain
Aur Dil Mein Koi Khoyi Si Baatein Hain

Kehne Ko Jashan-E-Bahara Hai
Ishq Yeh Dekhke Hairaan Hai

Phool Se Khusboo Khafa Khafa Hai Gulsan Mein
Chupa Hai Koi Ranj Fiza Ki Chilman Mein

Humne Ne Jo Tha Nagma Suna
Dil Ne Tha Usko Chuna
Yeh Dastan Humen Vaqt Ne Kaise Sunai

Humjo Agar Hai Gumgin
Woh Bhi Udhar Khush To Nahi
Mulakato Mein Jaise Ghul Si Gai Tanhai

Milke Bhi Hum Milte Nahi
Khilke Bhi Gul Khilte Nahi

Aankhon Mein Hai Baharein Dil Mein Khilza

Sare Sehmein Nazare Hain
Soye Soye Vaqt Ke Dhare Hain
Aur Dil Mein Koi Khoyi Si Baatein Hain

O Hoo Kehne Ko Jashan-E-Bahara Hai
Ishq Yeh Dekhke Hairaan Hai

Phool Se Khusboo Khafa Khafa Hai Gulsan Mein
Chupa Hai Koi Ranj Fiza Ki Chilman Mein

Welcome to Sajjanpur

Hmmm.. I am attempting a movie review after a very long time. For a movie i watched nearly 3 weeks ago.Welcome to Sajjanpur. The major reason i went to the movie was because it had shreyas in it.(It was only after booking the ticket that i got to know he was married.) First things first. The sets! I seriously thought they shot the movie in a real village. (Of course, friday supplement of the hindu told me it was a set in Ramoji film city) Though people found the film funny, i was deeply moved by the underlying sorrow. I mean, you can laugh when the big shot explains how his wife killed a maid, but i was thinking about the horrible state of the country where the caste system still claims many lives. Also the scene where a guy comes to shreyas asking him to compose an sms. His friends reply. The scene where the village big shot doesnt know how to write his name but the eunuch whom everyone looks down upon,does. The letter Shreyas writes to the collector calling the Muslim person in the village a pakistani spy, A young wife writing letter after letter to her husband who decides to sell a kidney to make a home for her in a foreign city, The young widow who falls for a compounder.. Every character had something to do and was well crafted. A seemingly happy movie filled with sorrow. It seemed to tell me time and again that no matter how sophisticated we seem/want to be, dreams somehow drive us. I want to appreciate the director for the good job he did.True i had a nice time laughing. true a lot of people couldnt appreciate the movie. But i really liked it. (It was worth the trouble getting up so early on a saturday morning.)

The movie set me thinking.(I mean, anything and everything does. But this kind of thinking was about what i am doing and what i should do.) I belong to this population that is 'just out of college in a good job'. All most of us can think about is how to climb the corporate ladder.(I do too sometimes) But in our frenzy we forget that majority of the country lives in villages. villages where a cell phone is a thing to wonder at(I am having my fourth one now in 5 years)Villages where most people dont know how to sign their name. I dont feel like blaming the government for not improving the lot of the masses. When me and the many like me are not doing anything much about it. All i am doing is now acting shocked and blogging about it. But what am i doing to change things? I will most probably forget the whole issue in sometime and start worrying about which restaurant to eat at in the weekend and think of another movie to watch. I am somehow not proud of myself at all.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Disappointment he felt
Or was it disgust?
Disgust at the world
around him
That saw people for what they had
with them
rather than in them
What happened to the black and whites?
Where did the grey come in?
Why did the grey come in?
Complicating his whole life
He couldnt stay away from black
for in it
he searched for a shade of grey

Where was this thing called love?
Where had it disappeared?
Or had it found expression
in the many many gifts exchanged?
Were they afterall required
to assert an affection?
Was something valuable
valueless sans valuables?
Why was this life
so materialistic?

He walked down the lane
staring at the lights shining around
bright and gaudy
as if to mask
the lack of light
within our souls
Souls which sought
a material proof
for everything
Sould which could
forgive the unforgivable
and remember the pardonable

How i hate to be a part of it all!
How i hate to smile
fake smiles
and laugh when in torment
He screamed to the stars
that shone down
Were they laughing?
or was it pity
at the few lonely souls..

Mortals whose morals never changed
in the modern world..
Mortals who tried to be honest
to whom every lie was still a sin
mortals who dint believe
in hiding behind the veil
called civilisation..
mortals who dint attach
a value to the invaluable..
Mortals who were valueless
to the masses...
for they just had love in their heart
love unexpressed
by valuables....

Mortals trying to lead
a moral life
Trying not to fail miserably
Trying not to commit
the same mistakes twice
Lonely unhappy mortals
Seeking the light
hidden away
by the blinding rays around