Sunday, February 15, 2009

A perfect picture

A poem dedicated to a few special friends. Bangalore or pilani, the roads are long and lovely. :D

A perfect picture
in black and white
I see us walk
down a road-long and lovely
Did the trees whisper
words of joy?
Did the song birds sigh?
For no song new and nice
could that joy express
Flowers they did
shower down too
Bowing down i feel
to a wonder so real

We continue to walk
creating squabbles new
just enjoying the pleasure
of a company so true
A perfect picture
in black and white
Awakening memories wonderful

Sometimes i wish
time I can freeze
Sometimes I wish
Moments I can revisit
to savour and relive
all over again

Life has thrown forth
chances new
Thanks to you,
I seize them too
For know I do
me you'll catch
when I fall


Vivek said...

Black and white is so boring!
Ain't it better to have colored ones?

Harini Padmanabhan said...

ah ok! I will take colored pictures from now on [:P]