Sunday, March 22, 2009


He walks down the road
Sweat trickling down his brow
His skin all cracked
The unmerciful sun
shining down on him
The dry winds
caress his face
Increasing the pain
his blisters gifted him with
The parched throat of his
nagging him
like an ignored girl friend
Tired but resolute
he plods on

Then it came his way
A playful lonesome black cloud
Shielding his reality
It granted him
a solace
from the cruel sun
A few soothing droplets
dropped down from above
mingling with his sweat
Cooling him down
making him forget
his harsh eternal companion
He looks at it gratefully

Unconcerned the cloud
moved away
He watches it go
with a heavy heart
New tears-uncontrolled
fall down freely
Harsher seems his reality
More horrible the pain
For he knew
that that he did not have
For now he knew
that that could lessen the torture
For now he knew
that that could never be his
Dreaming of his lost paradise
He falls
Never to rise again

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