Friday, March 27, 2009

When you have someone who has you and only you to attend to then, you completely fall in love with that person. Especially if the person doesnt tell you, you dont make sense. :D I am talking about myself of course and on a smaller scale, about the joys of having a personal diary and for those environment friendly people out there, your private blog. I had once started a private blog and updated it like 5 times in a single day. But then those days i had a computer and all the time in the world with it in my PS station. Now, whenever i try to write something, i feel like i am talking about the same things again and again. Since i can possibly never bore myself, i decided to write it all in a private blog. I cant bid farewell to this one though. For i do like to get some feedback. Till my writers block goes away completely, its silence here.


Hema Hariharan said...

So you don't post anymore? :(

Vivek said...

Damn it!
I was planning a party. :D
But I suggest you crib here too.
(I'd feel a whole lot better, hope wise.)
Get the hidden joke here?

Rama Pandarinathan said...

Harini n writers block ?! :O :O

me said...

phew relief!

Harini Padmanabhan said...

@Hema : I will once i am able to write something
@Vivek : Subtlety is not something i get
@ Rama : Podi nee vera
@ Data : en phone bill erratha pathi enakku kavala illa.Call panni torture pannuven