Friday, May 29, 2009

An awesome month

I dedicate this post to the month of may. I thought i should summarise all the nice things that happened last month.

To the most brilliant birthday ever ( i got a really cute baby elephant as a gift) ( for morons who think its real think again. i eat as much as one anyways. :D )
To my sister and her awesome 4 day visit
To all the restaurants i hogged in
To Namita for making most of my days. :)
To Smitalee who is leaving today
To my mom for bringing me to ground (and for the brilliant saree she chose for me)
To that special someone i so adore (in the mirror everyday)
To data (for fighting and forgiving me)
To Rama (Congrats on your recent acquisition. I refuse to divulge what it is. :D)
To Sree and his avenger
To my roomie and her brilliant cooking(She made awesome banana chips today)
To Preethi (For agreeing with me about something. Cross my finger and hope it happens)
To my juniors for mailing me and keeping in touch
To Varun and Govind for putting up with utter nonsense almost everyday

To Umerkot,Chandni Chowk, Via Milano, Indi Joes, Pizza Corner, 99, Rain, Rain and Rain, Tupperware,McDonalds iced tea, Church Street, Blossoms,Landmark, Westside,PVR, Outer ring road,85% cocoa dark choclate and the dhaba :D (Sigh... these made my day!)

And yes, to falling sick and having an ear pain thanks to a day spent talking on the phone. Thank you all for the calls and those who ended up forgetting, its ok. I forgive you. :D You just dont get the treat. :)

A post thats utter nonsense to most, but sensible to a few who know i sometimes do write for myself. :D

Monday, May 18, 2009

My experiments with cooking

I have for the past one and half months been wanting to write a post on my experiments with cooking. Though i am not a stranger to cooking, (i helped my mom and managed the kitchen when she was not in town following instructions from her on the phone and my dad who would peep in to check if i have succeeded in my efforts) I did not realise how dependent I had been on my family's instructions.

Initially, i had my room mate ( who is a brilliant cook btw) whom i would help cook. Unfortunately,my luck did not last and her timings changed. I was left to cook the lunch and dinner (after hogging the hearty breakfast she made everyday).Now sitting at a place miles away from home (450km to be exact) i have been practicing various dishes trying my best not to involve mommy unless it was absolutely necessary( like a watery sambhar or a burnt up vegetable) I did not call her when i almost blew up my kitchen after opening the pressure cooker in a hurry. (I hope she reads this and gets to know about it. :D )

Last week, i made rasam and roomie calls me up and says,"I have never seen anyone put full kadala paruppu in rasam. is it some new recipe?" (Shucks! I did not know i had put it in the first place. :D).My sambhar was so hott that i had to have loads of ghee with it. I forgot to add salt to the radish. Sigh

But then they say that if you try again and again, you finally succeed. Today i did! I made brilliant parupusili (which is my all time favorite) and vatha kuzhambu and i am so delighted with myself. I did not call mom for instructions(she showed me how to make it easily when i was home last weekend) Pat on the back Harini, you deserve it. (It is supposed to be slightly burnt er crispy. :D)

And yes, i have not been domesticated. I like cooking as i love eating. I think its a skill everyone should possess. :D

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Things that awaken the violent streak in me

I am a very peace loving person by nature. ( I made peas kurma today and it turned out real well.) But then, there are a few things that awaken the sleeping lioness in me ( For those of you who know tamil, have you seen a movie where Vivek takes a cat out of his coat and claims thats the animal sleeping inside him? This is not like that. :D ) So here i go.

  • When someone says "Oh you do that?" after i say ," I was just thinking"
  • When i am listening to some nice song in my ipod and some moron has wierd songs like susumaari playing on a loud speaker.( A friend of mine told me it is a major hit in madurai. Sigh. No wonder i am no longer there. :D )
  • When i wear a nice new skirt and it starts to rain(I love the rain. But NOT when i am wearing a full length skirt)
  • When i write a really awesome post and i am unable to post it due to technical difficulties (The next time someone wonders why i have never written anything great,i will show this to them)
  • When there is an open drainage right outside my window and nobody is ready to repair it as its election time(or some other equally dumb reason)
  • When i dont get food on time.(If you dint know that i am one major food addict,you really dont know me. :D)
  • When i call someone and i end up waiting for a really long time for their response(Esp my sis. She never picks up her calls. :( )
  • When i am woken up from my sleep.
  • When someone says i dont understand! (I mean just because i state the truth about them being dumb doesnt imply i dont understand their brilliant intellect. I agree they arent brain dead. :D)
  • When i get wierd friend requests in orkut ( I am not anti social. I dont like strangers who act strange.)

Thursday, May 07, 2009

I am just wondering

  • If having a little intelligence is an excuse to have a pathetic attitude towards life and everything about it
  • Why most of the pretty girls have a superior expression on their face
  • Why most people dont like what they do
  • Why we are all clueless as to why we do a few things in life
  • Why people use terms like dude/dudette when the person they are addressing it to is clearly not one
  • How there are vegetables rotting in markets while there are many dying of hunger
  • Why everybody is complaining about their life. I mean there should be an ideal right?!
  • What is the best way to kill a man - kill his self respect/shoot him?
  • If stories like when harry met sally can actually happen in life (watched it sometime back for the nth time)
  • When Indians are going to wake up and realise gold and wedding are not the only things in life (I am making a general statement. No offence meant to anyone. )

Sunday, May 03, 2009

I love you~!

It was 5.45 in the evening. I saw you. After a really long time. I think i am blessed. I have been waiting for you for a really long time now. I thought you'd never come back to me. I had given up all hope. My life is so barren! Do you know how much i miss you? How much i miss the soothing voice that consoles me and makes me feel alive? My dream did come true today. I spent some time with you.I did not have a camera with me. But some moments are captured so vividly by the mind that they can be recalled at a moment's notice. I see you again and again. I always will. I so love you!

Oh wonderful rain! The breeze that accompanies you,the soothing pitter patter that always calms me down,the chill droplets that brush my face,the brilliant flashes of light,the varying shades of grey.Amazing sights, smells,sounds,tastes and feelings.. Oh! How i love you!

P.S. I saw a hail storm in bangalore for the first time in my life. It was awesome. After the storm,sitting and munching food.. Sigh..I love the rain.

Friday, May 01, 2009

My new loves. :D

I am so delighted with these awesome things that make my life so easy. :)

You're every woman in the world

My recent favorite. :)

Over night scenes, dinner and wine
Saturday girls
I was never in love, never had the time
In my hustle and hurry world
Laughing myself to sleep, waking up lonely
I needed someone to hold me, oh

Its such a crazy old town, it can bring you down
Till you run out of dreams
So you party all night to the music and lights
But you dont know what happiness means
I was dancin in the dark with strangers
No love around me, when suddenly you found me, oh

(chorus) girl youre evry woman in the world to me
Youre my fantasy, youre my reality
Girl youre evry woman in the world to me
Youre evrything I need
Youre evrything to me, oh girl

Evrything good, evrything fine
Thats what you are
So put your hand in mine and together
Well climb as high as the highest star
Im living a lifetime in evry minute that were together
And Im stayin right here forever oh
(repeat chorus)