Friday, May 29, 2009

An awesome month

I dedicate this post to the month of may. I thought i should summarise all the nice things that happened last month.

To the most brilliant birthday ever ( i got a really cute baby elephant as a gift) ( for morons who think its real think again. i eat as much as one anyways. :D )
To my sister and her awesome 4 day visit
To all the restaurants i hogged in
To Namita for making most of my days. :)
To Smitalee who is leaving today
To my mom for bringing me to ground (and for the brilliant saree she chose for me)
To that special someone i so adore (in the mirror everyday)
To data (for fighting and forgiving me)
To Rama (Congrats on your recent acquisition. I refuse to divulge what it is. :D)
To Sree and his avenger
To my roomie and her brilliant cooking(She made awesome banana chips today)
To Preethi (For agreeing with me about something. Cross my finger and hope it happens)
To my juniors for mailing me and keeping in touch
To Varun and Govind for putting up with utter nonsense almost everyday

To Umerkot,Chandni Chowk, Via Milano, Indi Joes, Pizza Corner, 99, Rain, Rain and Rain, Tupperware,McDonalds iced tea, Church Street, Blossoms,Landmark, Westside,PVR, Outer ring road,85% cocoa dark choclate and the dhaba :D (Sigh... these made my day!)

And yes, to falling sick and having an ear pain thanks to a day spent talking on the phone. Thank you all for the calls and those who ended up forgetting, its ok. I forgive you. :D You just dont get the treat. :)

A post thats utter nonsense to most, but sensible to a few who know i sometimes do write for myself. :D


me said...

who said i forgave?

Sastry said...

74 blogs in 2007
81 in 2008
63 in 5 months of 2009
If I extrapolate it , u may have 151 for 2009.

And that means, close to 3 posts / Week... and u work 5 days a week (if I make a major assumption that u work for 9 hours on friday)

I think, I need to have a chat with Srihari.. I see every chance of attrition :P

Jokeas apart, a nice theme to write a blog on...

Harini Padmanabhan said...

@data: Sigh.. Should i beg for mercy? :(
@Mallik: :) Considering the fact that you sit right next to me, well discuss the work part in office. :D And yes. I am glad you appreciate my theme. :)

Karthick Prabu said...

"To that special someone i so adore (in the mirror everyday)" --> :)

Should have given 1-2 lines of description about few points, like - 'Smitalee who is leaving today','To Sree and his avenger'.

It would have made the post much more complete :D

Just a thought.

Harini Padmanabhan said...

@ Karthick: Well, somethings dont need too much of explanation. :D

Ryaraghav said...

I am hurt! I am not acknowledged for my phone call?! And for tolerating your rants abt data?

Ryaraghav said...

BTW, am not able to comment using my wordpress account....can u fix it up?

Ryaraghav said...

And when is my treat?!?!

Harini Padmanabhan said...

@Rya : Darling, i am eternally grateful to you. :) Sorry! You will be treated to a feast if you come to bangalore. :)