Thursday, June 18, 2009

10 things about me

I was reading posts in other blogs where they listed 25 weird things about themselves. Since i have decided to try my best to write for atleast an hour a day and also since my favorite subject is me (much to the displeasure of a lot of people i am afraid) I thought i will try this out. Just 10 things about me though.(Changed the title due to public demand)

  1. I hate cats and i get the creeps whenever i see one close to me
  2. I converse with non living things like my laptop and my room when i want to clear my head. I think they listen to me
  3. I love talking to people. But there is this side of me who loves to listen and er counsel
  4. I want to be a writer
  5. I hate onion and tomato when i cook, but i dont mind the gravy in restaurants
  6. I love movies with happy endings and prefer to watch them even if they are far fetched. But then, i also love to analyse and criticise serious movies at length
  7. Some people think i am a buffoon
  8. My play list has kuzhaloothi manamellam and Numb at the sametime
  9. I dont like long hair (quite evident from my hair style)
  10. Right now, i think i can live without an MBA


Hari said...

I thought you were listing weird propensities? Somehow all points seem perfectly hackneyed to me.

What is weird though, is that you seem have gotten the correct spelling of 'weird' this time. Unintentional? ;)

Harini Padmanabhan said...

@Hari: I just realised, i am not at all weird! [:D] just high wired. [:D]

me said...

totally harini.dont do MBA!If i have ever given u advice,n if u wud consider following this wud be it.dont do MBA. u are much better off.

Harini Padmanabhan said...

@data: Havent i ALWAYS listened to you? :D

Subramanian said...

Point number 7!! Point number 7!! Point number 7!! :) :)

Harini Padmanabhan said...

@Subbu: Venam adi vaangathe!