Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The "fortunate" few

Once upon a time, a woman called Bharathi had too many children. She could not manage them and so finally decided to honour only a few special ones whom she felt had spent a long time in their life being oppressed. Let me make them feel special. She decided and then in secret, with her special task force, conspired to send the fortunate ones out of her domain.The smart few got wind of the plan and rush around collecting stones. (Like how Hansel and Gretel do) They were led on a wonderful dance in to the middle of nowhere. They drop stones on their way and pretended to be asleep exhausted. The leaders went back to Bharathi, the blind of success clouding their vision. The fortunate ones woke up and make their way back home following the stony path. Bharathi was not too happy to see her children back. She called up for an emergency meeting and the wise counselors decided to work harder this time and went further down the middle of nowhere. The lucky ones were not so lucky this time. All they had were pieces of paper that they could throw all around. Paper that flew away before they could find their way back.

They wandered around directionless. A few lost the way. A few led a herd that followed them loyally. They soon stumbled upon a beautiful land so full of milk and honey.(Remember the chocolate house the wicked witch had?) Everything about it was perfect. All they had to do was stretch out their hand and riches came running to them. They were so completely taken in by it that they dint notice their numbers dwindling. There in the land lived a very hungry monster greedophobia. It lured many into into endless pits where all they did was want more and entrench themselves firmly in the land that grew around them and easily consumed them. Unaware of the mess they had landed themselves in, the others led a royal life, eating the food fed to fatten them up to become good fodder for the land beast,greedophobia (Atleast Hansel knew the witch wanted to eat him up. He was forewarned!)

One fine day, the hidden beast in the land lost its patience.It no longer cared as to who was fit enough to be consumed. Torn apart by a great hunger, it opened its mouth to swallow the whole populace. Ah! Down they went. A few loitering in the border had a narrow escape and rushed back home with whatever spoils they could gather. They stood out in Bharathi's land with their fair skins and different accents, they knew not what to do. There was nowhere to go. For they were stranded, rootless. Its been a few months and the oppressed of a few centuries prefer to remain oppressed and they watch waiting for the carcass of the once fortunate few to feed on. Bharathi is on the look out for another land now.

Long ago, So long ago that I know he wouldnt remember how long ago, Hari jokingly suggested that i should write a post comparing hansel and gretel and recession. I had a nice idea from then, but never got around to writing it as i dint want the idea to backfire and to laugh at myself for the nonsense i might end up churning out. But since I am writing like I am going to run out of words anytime soon (much to the dismay of the poor souls forced to read my blog) I decided i might as well as try this one out. I was talking to Govind about my idea today and he dint laugh at it! He found it nice. So even if it was told in a moment of politeness, i intend to capitalise on it and write this short story.


Hari said...

Like they say, an elephant (however little) always remembers :)

Harini Padmanabhan said...

@Hari : :P I am glad it does. :)