Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pieces of my mind

  • A true friend is one that tells you when your carefully crafted meal is not upto the mark in private and still eats it up to not let you down (Another side effect of my experiments with cooking)
  • A true friend also reads your blog without you asking(or with you threatening) and tells you that you should keep writing as practice makes a person perfect.
  • If you can tell someone you called up to check if they had swine flu and he/she acts like they believe your silly excuse to hide your sentiments and understands you meant an i miss you, look no further, there is your friend for a life time
  • Things anyway change, so dont worry. No mistake you made is so horrible.
  • Everybody is self centered. The extent to which they are is what varies. :)
  • There is too much of fine print in the wish granting mechanism that he who rules us all has
  • Life is like a sine curve. The varying patterns of ups and downs defines it. (A piece of Varun's mind) :D
  • I agree that its quality and not quantity that matters. But sometimes quantity helps you to get better quality. (I mean I cant continue writing pathetic posts for too long. I either have to stop or get better. I hope its the latter)
  • The music you listen to affects your mood a lot! (Atleast my mood)
  • Somethings haunt you for a long time. Its only because of an importance you choose to give them. Not because they are sooooo special. :D


S said...

Based on your criterions, I think I qualify as a true friend! :P

Harini Padmanabhan said...

@sagnik: I knew it longgg back. :P

me said...

oh thats wat it was abt?
boy!will i ever understand geminis!

Harini Padmanabhan said...

@data: :P