Monday, June 29, 2009


Why is it that smart people fall for the simplest of lies? No, not one tailor made for them. But the time tested one that everybody knows about but seldom acknowledges.
Why is it so difficult to create trust but so damn easy to break it? How can years of trust be broken by just 2 minutes of conversation? Was the trust flimsy in the first place or the person trusted the wrong one?
Do things happen to tell you that the world is not that beautiful a place as you want it to be but is actually filled with scavengers of all shapes and sizes watching, waiting to have the carcass once the kill is done? That they are not actually watching you to protect you from danger but waiting for the danger to come?
Is it always better to see the bad in the good than the good in the bad? I mean the dark cloud is huge. The silver lining is so tiny!
Is life all about believing and hoping and trusting no matter how many times experience teaches you otherwise? Believing him and that whatever happens, happens for a reason?

Random rantings of a raving lunatic in me. :D


varun said...

You actually seem to have improved.good one.

Harini Padmanabhan said...

@Varun: :) I am glad you liked it. Inspired by you know what. :D