Tuesday, June 16, 2009


The dark cloud moved forward
Full of frenzy, hatred and despair
Unnoticed by the millions below
Swallowing dreams and desires
A black hole
To immolate everything
remotely happy

Cheer,Joy and peace it sucked away
Against the strong winds of fate
she wrestles to move forth
Against the tide of time
she swims all alone
Dreaming and fighting
to hold the lovely image
close to her heart
Excuriating pain tears through her
Undeterred she struggles forth

Reaching stable ground
after an almost endless struggle
In her moment of triumph,
With a head held high
she takes a step forward
full of confidence
only to be sucked down
by a hungry swamp
to never dream again
to never desire
to never, be human
From clouds of gloom
to the sea of despair
she conquered
only to be destroyed
by the swamp of desire

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