Thursday, June 11, 2009

Swept off my feet

Well, It happened yesterday night. I did not expect the dinner to end this way. It was a really normal day (Of course i left early as i wasnt feeling too good.) But then, going out was something really unexpected. Then you came in, or should i say stormed into my life? I did not know you could be so forceful and especially in this city where you venture out so softly. Everyone was stunned by your brilliant force. Sigh.. You swept me off my feet. I often wished i could see you. But yesterday (June 10,2009) you granted my wish so well that i seriously don't want to see so much of you again~!

Now that most of you who know me would have guessed this post is anything but romantic, i guess ill cut the crap and get writing about what happened last night. It was raining, and i was at a restaurant hardly half a km from my house.Like most normal mortals would do, i thought the rain would stop in a few minutes. I waited for half an hour hoping the rain would abate. But alas! It had no such intention. When i finally decided to walk back home, the roads were flooded!.I acted like a dainty damsel (I know i am not one. But once in a while i try to be one) and jumped from one stone to another trying not to wet my newly washed jeans. Then, the tiny organ in my head told me i was never going to reach home at this rate and so for a change i decided to listen to it and just jumped headlong into the water. I was literally swept off my feet.(There was no knight in shining armour as far as i could see) So much for wanting to get wet in the rain.I guess i should be careful about what i wish for. Wishes have this strange way of coming true that i often wish i had not wished for it in the first place.

In the main road, there were a lot of vehicles stuck trying to move back or forward. There was so much of water and the current was quite strong that they just couldn't do too much! (At 10.30 in the night, your mind is half dead anyway)

The road leading to my house was flooded and there was water right upt0 my knee (I agree i am not all that tall.Still, it was too much water.) My room mate had called me earlier in the day to tell me that there was some wiring problem and there was no power at home. A part of me was reminded of all the news articles where people are killed by an electric wire in the water (Anniyan effect a colleague told me. But then i dont like that movie too much). So i stop at the steps of a nearby hotel (This is another one. Not the one where i had dinner) and peek to see if there is any dead animal in the water. Appreciating my presence of mind, i pat myself on the back and swim (er ok wade) to my house in the hope of having a well deserved sleep only to find that there is no power and that my noisy neighbor has decided to have a conversation with his room mate (They can be heard right above my window) till 3 in the night!Sigh. I couldn't sleep a wink!

There was no power till 3 today afternoon. (Today here is 11 june, 2009) All my plans of recording my night in the rain were ruined by the same rain that inspired me. Surprisingly, there was no water in the roads when i left for office today (around 2.30) I was seriously delighted as i had no intention of going in wet clothes to work. Thank God for small blessings. :)


Karthick Prabu said...

Anniyan effect... looking for dead animals in water... hehe, good presence of mind re.

When there's no power at home, humans lose their power :) - This is a great quote by Mr Karthikananda Swamiji.

Idha thanjavur kalvettula sethuki vacha namakku pinnadi varra sangathikal idha padichu nella thelivaayiduvaanga :P

me said...

it rains every other in bangalore! please dont give it so much hype.
its not like when its raining in Madras!
and i love the rain. If i can love it Madras,i can love it anywhere in the world.

Harini Padmanabhan said...

@Karthick: kalvettu venumnu ketkarathellam too much. :) blogspotla vechukko
@data: It has never rained so heavily in bang. And yes, i still love the rain thats why i got drenched in it. YOU moron. Its not like only you have the right to love the rain. humph