Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Today, I wanted to watch Kambaqt Ishq. Sadly, the tickets were sold out and a healthy me walked home (around 2.5 km in 20 mins. Yes, I am proud!) and decided to watch Bolt instead. The first few minutes of the movie, me and Preethi felt we were watching an old Rajnikanth flick. (Except that the dog here was more convincing than Rajnikanth) Then, we realise that bolt is actually a dog in a scifi serial who has been convinced that his costar Penny,(whom he thinks is his owner) is in mortal peril. He is very serious about protecting her. The directors of the serial decide to change the script to humor the 18-35 yr olds who are losing interest due to the incessant happy endings. They kidnap the girl whom Bolt is unable to save in an episode. Bolt who is convinced it is real, escapes from his trailer to go save his friend. He comes out to the real world where his superpowers are absolutely useless.

Bolt, at this point, reminded me of myself in my first semester in Pilani. I was really ignorant (I hate the word innocent. Sometimes, to an adult, its just a blind to hide behind when you cant call yourself stupid and live with it) and i thought that i could conquer anything as i had done in school. No, school wasn't make believe but it was far more easier than college. Four years in one of the most brilliant places in the world absolutely made me more sensible.So, now you have an older and wiser me sitting and writing movie reviews and finding myself in characters from animated movies.

(Bolt's love for Penny is really adorable. No wonder I want a dog!)

Getting back to the movie, Bolt befriends a cynical cat called mittens and a gullible hamster called Rhino. All the 3 embark on the quest to save Penny.( The hampster is so adorable with his innocence. The scenes were Bolt realises he aint a superdog have been well shot. The relationship between the three animals and how Bolt and Mittens become friends, the way Mittens teaches Bolt to be a normal dog, sigh, really cute scenes. The music in the background blends so well with the story.
If you want to watch a happy movie that gives this "I am so about to shed tears of joy but i am scared if someone might see" feeling, then you should go ahead and watch this one. I so loved it. The plot is predictable, the characters have flaws (doesn't everybody now? These are flaws you can definitely live with :D) but the good always triumphs tag line with an adorable dog (which could have looked much better btw) just makes the movie a perfect watch. :)

I still feel dreamworks does a better job at animation than Walt Disney. (This comes from my thinking Bolt could have looked much better!)

P.S. Preethi claims I am too lenient with words. I claim I am attempting to improve my vocabulary. :D

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Subramanian said...

"I still feel dreamworks does a better job at animation than Walt Disney" - i guess preethi is correct!! :)