Sunday, July 05, 2009

Let love in

I am home now. Came back from home today morning in an AC Volvo. That's the best emotion to feel for those who have felt it, here it is, a toast. For the others. Sigh, you haven't experienced everything yet.
I was out walking with a friend today evening and I have to admit, there is nothing like a walk on a quiet road on any evening. It had just finished raining and the road was so clean and everything was sparkling around me. I live in a really beautiful neighborhood that reminds me of dense tropical forests cleared to make way for buildings. There are huge houses and wide roads and big strong trees all around. When it rains, it is simply divine!The rain is something i really love and it always brings out the part in me that enjoys beauty so much. I was drinking in the varying shades of green, the beautiful flowers, the varying scents that came wafting through the air. My senses were keener, my heart happier. The arbit raindrop that had lodged itself in the trees to drop when i walked underneath, just added to the beauty of the whole thing. There is so much of peace and joy all around and i wonder, what do all those people seek who ceaselessly travel searching for solace of one sort of the other?
I was reminded of a message a very good friend had sent on my birthday,"May you realise that true happiness comes from within and is not dependent on the people around you.Hoping you realise your happiness from within" Today, on that walk, i realised it and I am so thrilled by the discovery. I walked back home alone, getting wet in the gentle drizzle a few passing clouds had decided to bless me with. I never felt closer to him up above. I felt I was blessed and cared for by a power too great for words to describe. I felt alive.
There is so much to be learnt from things we consider insignificant. There is so much to rename, to rebrand, to analyse, to understand. So much about life that if we begin, this process of revelation will take centuries to complete. But if for once, we stop questioning, and start seeing and enjoying, I am sure all of us can find that small inch within us that tells us that we are actually free and liberated and created to be happy and peaceful. I am sure. I felt it today. A passing feeling i dont think i can capture in words. I guess this is what they all call love. I am in love and this makes me feel so liberated and happy! I am in love with life.
P.S. I survived 24 hrs without a computer/laptop. Thats an achievement of sorts for me, the computer crisis junkie. :)
Title of the post dedicated to a song i really like.

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