Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Redefining Life

Victories applauded
Obstacles conquered
Dreams realized
Is it just these
that make a man's life?

Well fought battles
lost to a powerful enemy,
Giant leaps that brought you down
and saw you rise again,
Hopes you harbored
in your heart,
Praying and working
trying to make them come true..
Despite watching them crumble down
into millions of minuscule pieces,
Rebuilding broken dreams
from the very scratch
Doesn't it matter?

Assert I do today
A failed woman
Failures make a man,
Success is just the polish
A shiny hollow shell
is useless
So is a scared dreamless man

This state of dreamlessness
I totally abhor
This state of living dead
I never desire
I strive forth head held high
watching my best laid plans
easily vapourise
watching my wonderful dreams
branded forever to remain so

Still I wish and hope
For today is all I have
The dead yesterday's lessons safe
in my heart
The unborn dreams
ill harbor for a distant tomorrow
still nonexistent
Today is all I have
Today to live,
Today to love
and today to forget
some new tomorrow.

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