Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wake me up when september ends. :D

Summer has come and passed
The innocent can never last
wake me up when September ends

like my father's come to pass
seven years has gone so fast
wake me up when September ends

here comes the rain again
falling from the stars
drenched in my pain again
becoming who we are

as my memory rests
but never forgets what I lost
wake me up when September ends

summer has come and passed
the innocent can never last
wake me up when September ends

ring out the bells again
like we did when spring began
wake me up when September ends

here comes the rain again
falling from the stars
drenched in my pain again
becoming who we are

as my memory rests
but never forgets what I lost
wake me up when September ends

Summer has come and passed
The innocent can never last
wake me up when September ends

like my father's come to pass
twenty years has gone so fast
wake me up when September ends
wake me up when September ends
wake me up when September ends

Looking back - September

I am exhausted today. Dead to the rest of the world. I am not able to move around!

Every time, i listened to "wake me up when september ends" i would wonder, as to how come i never did listen to the song in september.

Atleast this september i know the reason. I have been wide awake the whole month (literally) catching just a few hours of sleep everyday. A brilliant and really exhausting month.

It started of with a very sick me not wanting to get out of bed to face life. (I am usually socially very active) I took sick leaves and was stuck in my room. The conference i was looking forward to, in ISB did not happen that weekend, (thankfully) and i got to recover and get back on both my feet. (Which ,as a friend claims are big enough to support the worries of the world i carry around in my head)

The second weekend saw an enthusiastic me running to chunchi waterfalls and mekedatu. It was
a brilliant trip no doubt. But really a different experience for someone like me to whom walking is the only activity. I was walking again, yes. Unfortunately, the slip ons i wore werent good enough for a trek. No grip. If Varun happens to read this, I am sure he would agree. So would Mallik. :D

The next weekend,I literally ran home to fulfil a long postponed trip to just be with my parents. That sunday i came back and invited friends home for lunch. It makes me hungry to even think about the brilliant spread me and my room mate dished out.

The last weekend of the month my darling sister came here and me, being the good host that I am, (she just calls it bossy. to each his own) as usual tried to fit too many things into the schedule. At the end of it, she did admit, it was a good trip. The reason she gave for the same was sadly, not me. :D (dedicated. :D)

So here I stand exhausted on the last day of the month. An unexpected work, led to me being late to work and finally not being able to go. I slept like a log and here I am tired all over again and going back to sleep. Must be the pill i took. Sigh

As they all say, i would not have had it any other way. :)
I am waiting for an even more hectic and fulfilling month.

Musings on a wet noon

It is such a brilliant weather outside. I guess all of you have seen this phase when the rain is just over but there are tiny droplets falling of trees and one or two, of clouds. It is beautiful. There are so many droplets out there that dont want to be parted from the cloud that created them and carried them close to heart, all this while. Reminds me of girls, who are almost women but feel they are not capable of moving away from their family and enter the sacred bond of wedlock. I see a few more droplets all ready to move away and fall on the land. Some in their hurry fall in the gutter and are wasted away. Some fall on a parched land that had been waiting all along for its arrival. Some, fall into the ocean, to become one of the many millions and lose their identity. Of this lot, some welcome the fate and my hyper imagination tells me, some detest it. Now, I wonder, which droplet am I? Or is it right of me to compare my huge bulk against a tiny rain drop? Sort of heartless of me i guess. :)
The fresh smell of the land just after the rains invigorates me. I had to go late to work as i had something important to do. So here I am on a wednesday noon enjoying a sudden break and wondering how blessed I am to be able to do this. Thank you. For everything. The skies, the land, the love and the life. Thank you dear god. I am glad I am human and I am glad I am who i am,where i am doing what I am. I dont think i would trade this for anything else.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Monday, September 28, 2009

Random thoughts on a hungry stomach

There are often times in life when you feel all alone and completely defeated. Every step pulls you down. Times when you realise there is something called gravity. You try to swim towards a greener pasture and the tide of life keeps opposing your every stroke. You try to walk and you feel like you have accidentally gotten into a swamp which keeps swallowing you the more you struggle. Times when you cant see what you have and your vision is clouded with only thoughts of what you dont.

You just cannot break free.

You cant see anything other than problems. Every solution you come up with has a bigger problem associated with it. You lose your respect for the whole mankind. You keep looking around and wonder why the same things that once looked so inviting and nice seem so mediocre. You wonder if they have changed for the worse or if it is your perspective that has changed. If, in growing up, have become cynical and irritated with everything. You really dont know.

Times like this is when you should pause to take a deep breath. Look at those that arent as lucky as you.
Millions of those to whom every day is a struggle and whose problems are much bigger than lack of appreciation and temporary loneliness.
Who have to spend hours to just try to get enough to feed themselves and whose worry is not losing weight.
Who are abused by men around them and do not have the means to escape from the living hell their life is.The desperate attempts of imbeciles with harmonal imbalance, to capture the heart of someone who doesnt even know they exist, is something they would prefer to have.

But then, it is really difficult to imagine such things when ones judgement is clouded by one's fears and insecurities.I try giving gyan to people i know about the above said issues and most of the times, the response i get is, "You think too much harini. I cant think like that." or "Ok. So?"

And today i wonder.. Is it always easier to be unhappy than to be happy? Like, even a small scar can make something beautiful look imperfect. Is that how it is with everything about life also? I wonder. Where is the balance?

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Today was a beautiful day. Like the many other days in my life which pass unnoticed as i am trying too hard to be noticed.
Today, I stopped to take a breath of fresh air. Paused, inhaled the fresh air around me, not in the mechanical fashion i usually do, but in a state of complete awareness. Aware of every molecule that went in. It might sound a little exaggerated but i really felt so.
I stopped to notice the aroma of the ginger tea i make every morning. How it evolved from when it hit the water to when the concoction began boiling. It was rejuvenating. The same five minutes i usually spend contemplating what to do the next five. The same five minutes i spend lost in thought, i spent in a state of awareness.
I walked through the same road looking out for everything there. Trying to take in all the life forms that surrounded me. Trying to ignore the mechanical modes of transport that hogged my attention.
I spent the day lost in the beauty around me. I found happiness. I found peace.

P.S. My sister has come down for the weekend and this one has been slightly different from her usual trips. Some day, i shall elaborate in detail.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Cost and Value

I was looking at my monthly expenses. Considering the fact that it is the end of the month, I suddenly become aware of a previously ignored word called savings. I am just another young adult who earns well thanks to globalisation. If i plot an expenses graph, it would look like an exponential curve. This happens to prove my point that no matter how much you get, it is never going to be enough, as you would have new expenses associated with the jump. Anyway, coming back to the exponential curve, I was slightly disappointed with myself. Then i realised something.

That, if everybody saved, everyone would have money. When everyone has something, it becomes less valuable. Also, by spending, I am making sure that there is a flow of money in the market and thereby, the economy doesnt slump. At the cost of my spending, I am adding value to the country.

I get great value when I spend money on a trip to be with loved ones/to see the world as he created it which is much much more than the cost associated with the same.

When i attempted to draw a value vs cost graph, i realised, the value is always greater than the associated cost and I also realised, i really dint mind spending. Once the realisation crept in, my phone beeped to indicate that i had received my next month's salary. Divine intervention i say.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I watch as the clouds part and the sun streams in through the open window. I watch spellbound as small particles of dust sparkle after their association with the golden rays. The unnoticed prelevant musty smell that defined my darkness is now replaced with clear, fresh air. It enters steadily, leaving its mark on every corner of my mortal habitat. The morning sounds slowly envelop me. I lose myself in the moment. The sweet song, of a nameless bird in a faraway tree,finds its way inside. The concrete jungle sleeps, completely unaware of the day break. I grip my mug of hot ginger tea, the aroma and the taste purifying my dead cells. A hand lands on my shoulder and I look back, reaching the point of culmination of all my senses, at complete peace with myself.
That, is where my dream ends and that, is where reality crept in. The jarring noise of a horn under my window becomes the unwelcome wake up alarm. An aromaless air, typical of the city fills my room and I shut my window tight, losing myself in my virtual world. Senseless, i attempt to awaken my senses, again

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I see

I see people trying too hard to quantify all that cannot be and all that should not be.
I see some more struggling to maintain a facade they put on to achieve seemingly impossible but simple objectives.
I see some running into long shortvuts just to get what everyone else has, and what they dont.
I see a few with too many faces, one for different groups and none, to represent what they actually are.
I see confused individuals with ideals they are brainwashed to stick to, blindly.
I see you doing what you dont want to but assume , you have to as you have not the time or the sense to explore avenues.
I see you, unmindful of millions, and bothered only about your momentary, material, gain, they struggle so hard for you to get.
I see you shower fake love, to lost individuals,exploiting their innocence, while thinking only about the fame you get.
I see you stab your friend, watch him drop and use him as a step to get a little closer to your desire.
I see you, trying hard to impress, forgetting, losing, those who matter.

All i have to say is"This too shall pass. For you cant ever grow beyond where you are, rather, who you are. For what you lack is not only an open mind, but also an open heart." I go ahead.

Misty moments

I stand on a path. Exhausted, pausing to contemplate. From nowhere came an all enveloping mist, intoxicating me. It carries me away to a different galaxy. Nothing else seems to be real. Nothing else matters. I cant see the long winding road i left behind. I cant see the peak I was walking towards. A bottomless pit, an out of sight objective. Nothing matters. Except the mist.The one so sweet and calming. I stop. I forget the growth i sought. Meager achievements with no intention but to please an endless crowd of self centered mortals. One meant to inspire envy in many and pride in few. One I happily forsake for this mist. The wonder i accidentally stumbled across makes me forget the world.

I experience liberation.
I experience joy
I experience euphoria
I experience love
I experience life.

Maybe, you dont. You think i am just another lost soul seeking salvation. But, my dear, i have found it. I, while living have glimpsed heaven and I am glad it happened before it was too late

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Life or something like it

Do not brand me as an idealist. I am just a normal human being trying to be human.

Don't call me an idiot when i tell you i am doing something because i want to do it and not because I am going to get name/fame or money doing it.

Don't tell me you want the limelight. My anger is not in your wanting it. My anger is in your wanting nothing else. My anger is in you losing sight of your goal

Don't blame the world for its faults. The world is a wonderful place. To find the reason behind the injustice, search not in strangers, search in yourself. You are your best friend and you, are your worst enemy

Don't pat me in the back and call yourself my friend when you are so busy building trenches not too far away. I would rather you pushed me and laughed.

Today, i learnt a lot of lessons. Rather, i acknowledged things i had always noticed and accepted them. No. I have not lost faith in the world yet.

I still believe in human beings.
I still believe in love
I still believe that even if your end objective is different from mine, you are not bad.Maybe just a little different
I still believe being alone doesn't necessarily mean you have lost the battle
I still believe in time

I will not give up my dreams.
I will not sacrifice my ideals in the altar of fame and gain
I will not live in a make believe world
I will not stop wanting a better tomorrow
I will not let your sleep tempt me too. i will try to awaken you ,or move on. Far away.

Yes. I will live and I will trust.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I choose

I would choose
  • Genuine human beings over classy fakes
  • To splurge on things for myself and my dear ones, over a huge bank balance that exists only to satisfy an ego
  • An enjoyable walk in the park, over a social gathering that would improve my so called social status
  • An extra hour of well deserved rest over ways to prove my worth to the worthless
  • Spending time with those i love and consider important to chasing behind useless dreams that take me far away from them
  • To be happy being who i am, the way I am, to changing half heartedly with the hope of a better tomorrow.
Call me an ideal idiot if you please, but this, is how i am.

I would rather be a happy idiot than an unhappy success.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Innocence and ignorance

I hate things like this. The kid sings brilliantly. I cant deny that. But why should she sing songs like this? Does she even know what the hell it means? Kuchi kuchi rakamma it seems. Why cant we do something useful?

I really despise the entertainment industry sometimes. There is nothing nice in the so called children's programs or movies. Very few are good. Most of it cater to the dumb mothers who raise such stupid and adult kids. (Maybe i am being rude. But i cant control my anger when you corrupt a kids innocence) Why cant we admire things that arent sensationalized? Why cant we be happy with what is? Why do we have to make kids act old? They have all the time in the world to be careworn and discuss adult stuff. Why do the channels want to speeden up the growth process? It is unfair!

I want to blame the parents sometimes. I mean, you have the huge responsibility of bringing up a kid. Agreed. But cant you be careful as to what the kid learns and what it doesn't?I shall spend some more time fuming and contemplating and forget the issue. Of that i am sure. After all, self before the society is what i believe in.

Chunchi falls and Mekedatu

We had gone on a trek on saturday. (Actually it was visit to a falls. A short length was a trek.) Being the extremely active person that i am, I had a tough time in the trek. In an attempt to be better than how I am right now, I have resolved to become fitter. (I can watch my mom smile as she reads this)

Looking at such beautiful places, i wonder about how and why we lose ourselves in concrete jungles when we can commune with Mother Nature.
A few lessons post the trip (Mallik, please don't groan when you read this. :D )


The treacherous and beautiful Chunchi
  • You lighten your load thinking you dont need the baggage you carry. But in times of need, you realise what an idiot you were and how wrong your logical judgement can sometimes be.
  • You carry a heavy load thinking it is never bad to be overprepared. But when you cant carry yourself, excessive burden is all that you need. :)
  • Sometimes the going gets so tough that all you want to do is quit and rest. The end result, is really worth the trouble sometimes. Even if it is not, only after doing few things would you realise what you can and what you cannot.
  • Quitting is stupid. However, the distinction between an idiot and a wise man is that the wise man knows when to stop.He also knows the difference between quitting and obstinate persistance.
  • The company makes a huge difference. A friend in need is a friend indeed. :D :D (All those who helped me would know.)
  • You have to be properly prepared before attempting anything. (In my case it was wearing appropriate footwear) Even if you are not and something takes you off guard (Like a slippery stone) the right attitude can definitely save you. (I dont want to elaborate on my laughing at myself the whole of yesterday. I kept slipping a lot of times.)
  • In the same lines, it is not how many times you fall down that matters, it is how long you take to recover that does.
  • When you attain something after pushing yourself a lot, you can appreciate it much better than an effortless conquest
  • Well, lessons have to be learnt! There are a lot of things that just listening cannot teach you. (Varun, let this not give you the idea that i would listen to you)
  • There is nothing a hot bath and loads of love cannot take care of (Dedicated to my darling room mate. Thanks a ton for putting up with my tantrums)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ninaithale inikkum

I watched a tamil movie after a long time today. Only reason i embarked on the futile exercise of entertainment was because prithvi looked damn cute in a song I saw in TV.
As usual, the movie failed to meet my expectation. Though it was only 2 hours long, i started getting bored towards the end. When i actually sit and think about it now, I feel it wasnt that bad for a tamil movie. Yes, there is a sloppy story line and a stupid turn of events. But come on, atleast it is not as unbelievable as vijaykanth twirling his moustache to make villians fly. Here, the twist is probably just improbable :D (Numb3rs effect)
I have to admit, Prithvi exceeded expectations. He looked much cuter in the movie. The other guys acted well and I just hope i dont end up watching too many movies with Priyamani in the lead. :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

World through tinted glasses

I have recently taken to wearing shades everyday. (I brought it in a moment of madness. Considering the fact that i have it, i might as well as use it, is what is in my mind right now.) A friend of mine in office keeps making fun of my sudden ideas for blogs and when he saw me in my sunglasses, he was like, "Dont tell Harini anything about sunglasses or she might write an article on 5 things my sunglasses taught me." Here i am, listening to him. This post is dedicated to you Mallik. :)

1) The world as you see it, is not necessarily the world as it is.
2) The same thing you find pleasant due to your conditioning,(in this case the shades in the sun) another can find unbearable. Before you mock/judge a human being, consider his conditioning.
3) You might protect yourself with the most expensive thing available. While your concentration is diverted in that front, you can still become a victim of something you fear, because, you did not guard all your defenses. (Having a heat stroke despite wearing sunglasses that protect you from one form of the sun's anger)
4) Losing something you loved after experiencing it, is much worse than not knowing about its existence. One day out in the sun after the shades, you would long for it. However, you would not even have thought about it if you had not known about the difference it can make.
5) You cannot always protect what you hold dear.You cannot always make the right judgement. But that doesnt mean, you should throw caution to the wind. I know i can prevent my shades from getting scratched and broken if i place it in a case. I also know that if i dont place it in a safe place, finders would end up becoming keepers. Only caution i can take is to keep it somewhere, that, from my judgement, is safe. I trust my judgement, but if it is erronous, i only have to learn from it.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Today, I am contemplating the many choices i have made. Wondering, what was the extent to which i compromised on each one. I dont see the compromise now as I am so used to what i already have. I work really hard to get what i need. There are times when there are goals that seem impossible. In most of the cases, they are goals that I really believe in. Goals that are born out of my high levels of self confidence. When i know, that past data cannot be used to predict future behaviour, always. These goals, are very few. Their impact however is really huge. I can define the many turning points in my life on the basis of these goals. I will not pretend that they always make me happy. When my sadistic self perks up, i look at the same outcomes and wonder if an easy compromise would have been better.

I am reminded of a persistently obstinate bout of mine. Sometime ago,something that i firmly believed in,happened. Something i once in a while, wish i had compromised, as the easier way seems so inviting. Still, i persist because the adventurer in me refuses to let go. At times like these my firm belief in life asserts itself. The fact that, "Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass. It is about learning to dance in the rain." brings me out of my depressive bouts. Funny how simple words can have a profound impact on life. I now realize that even if I have to make the compromise of getting wet, I'd rather dance than wait for a chance that might never come. Even if i have to make the compromise of being laughed at, I'd rather live than lock myself away from the world. Even if i have to make the compromise of letting go of something human beings hold dear, I'd rather pursue my dream.

I guess all of us at some point or another make compromises. I am thinking about the few i have made. I am definitely happier because of that. Actually i cannot predict what could have been. But i can rest assured that in life, what is, is anyday better than what might have been. As what is, exists right in front of your eyes. What might have been is for all you know, nothing but a figment of an overactive imagination.


A line i just heard ,"You my friend are a prisoner of high standards and low social skills." ha ha. I am sure a lot of people i know can relate to this one!
Any ideas on how we can escape this prison? Lower standards or improve social skills? A niche for everyone created has to exist somewhere though.

Jao na!

A song i have been humming a lot recently. From Whats your rashee

Jao na jao na jao na jao na…
Tum jo ho to gaa rahi hai yeh hawa,
Tum jo ho to reshami si hai fiza,
Jao na jao na jao na..haan… jao na…

Hoo phir naa yeh raat aayegi,
Phir naa yeh rutt chahyegi,
Phir naa yu milna hoga,
Phir naa jaane kya hoga?
Jao na jao na jao na..haan… jao na…

Yeh raat thodi to dhalne do,
Dheere dheere isko pighalne do,
Aage hai do raah maana magar,
Thodi durr to saath chalne do,
Haan… Yeh raat thodi to dhalne do,
Dheere dheere isko pighalne do,
Aage hai do raah maana magar,
Thodi durr to saath chalne do,

Hoo khone wali ho kal tum,
Rukk sako jo do pal tum,
Kuch tumhari tasveerein,
Rakh lu apni aankhoin mein,
Jao na jao na jao na.. haan… jao na…

I wish singing it made a difference! :D

Monday, September 07, 2009

The winner stands alone

In the winner stands alone, Paulo Coehlo introduces Igor who is on a quest to win back his wife's love. The storyline has a typical Sidney Sheldon aura around it. The way it is built however, has nothing to do with that. Igor, orphaned by his wife Ewa, decides to win her back. He is convinced that she wants to come back but is ashamed to do and is also scared that he wouldnt take her back, after she left him for another man. He comes to Cannes with the sole intention of meeting her and taking her to Russia, the same country in which she helped him build a multi million dollar communication industry. He decides to send his beloved messages by destroying worlds for her. He thinks that human life that is so precious is meaningless without her. He is ready to kill people to tell her that his love for her is worth more than all their lives.

He starts with a beautiful poor girl who is a seller of trinkets on the road. A trained army war veteran, killing is not new to him. There is no remorse in him. He is convinced that each person he kills is being delivered from the sorrows of the world. The second person he kills is a movie mogul. Then a rising starlet and finally his masterpiece. Everything is so interrelated and yet so unrelated and there lies the beauty of the book. As we watch Igor pick his victims and try to send the message across, we also see other characters so lost in the rat race. Each trying so hard to make a mark in the world that has no intention of noticing them. A few stand out and stay with you till the end. We see Gabriella who is very intent on becoming an actress. We see Hamid who is in love with Ewa and is proud to have her for a wife. Sadly, he never really understands her and in an attempt to give her some space, fails her in a way he never should. We see Ewa, who is adored by two men in different ways. We wonder at her choices and also marvel at the way the author has differentiated the affection of the two men. We see Jasmine, young and innocent, who turns out to be the wisest of the lot.

I really have to applaud Coehlo for the way he has written the book. Unlike other books dealing with the world of glitz, that sensationalize everything, he deals only with raw human emotions,beautifully.The author tries to mock at the empty lives a lot of achievers lead. This emptiness is something that needs no elaboration. There are times in life when you feel a void. No matter how much you have. Nothing can fill the void. This empty feeling is something all of us would have been subject to at one point or another in our life. A few try to figure out the source of the trouble and fix it. There are others who try to cover it up and forget all about it.

Yes, perhaps the winner has to stand alone. Perhaps the winner fixes the void. Perhaps the winner doesn't. Or perhaps, the person you see there in the limelight is not the only winner. There are many other winners who have achieved what they want out of life and are quite content being where they are. Even miles away from the limelight millions seem to want.As usual, he has set me thinking.

Glued and Unglued

I got cable connection on saturday. After 2 months of possessing a TV. The dumb guy finally decided to bless my house with connection to the outside world. I was so enthued for a few hours after the incident. Happily changed my status in facebook. I used to love watching tv as a kid. I still remember this incident from my childhood when my mom complained to my sixth standard class teacher that i made only 80% as i kept watching TV. I was so insulted then. With no mom to censor my tv watching and no sis to fight over the remote with, i viewed the tv with all love from the bottom of my heart.
However, good things dont last and i realised that all we have in tamil/hindi channels are supposedly sexy women pretending to be cats (song from kanthasamy that gets on my nerves) or pretending to be hurt housewives whose husband did not get them a silk saree.
Another evil are the reality shows. I really dont like them. They are so dumb. I heard this woman comment in some dance show, 'neenga indian westernayum classicalayum kalanthu aadinathu nalla irunthuthu' meaning, i liked the way you mixed indian western and classical. What is indian western i ask you? I sometimes wonder if people are so jobless that they sit and watch such nonsense. I mean, the human mind is such a marvel. Why do we subject it to such rubbish when there are better things to do? (Like finishing The winner stands alone. Yes, i got an excuse to flaunt the fact that i finished the book)
Are we all leading such lonely existence that is so starved for romance, that anybody and everybody thinks that with a love triangle or square, they have a story? Dont people get bored of watching it time and again? I love cute romantic movies. But i definitely cannot stand salman khan wooing a female whose best friend is in coma and in that state falls for him.(This was the story line in some dumb movie in Max. There was also a quiz contest going on as to who he would marry.) Humph.
How dumb! The english channels are definitely better (mind you only slightly) HBO, Z Studio and Star Movies do play atleast one good movie a day. Unfortunately, they happen to be around the same time of the day. I guess I should ask my more TV savvy friends on when to watch out what. Or better, check out tvnow. It is a website that lists everyday program listing for major channels. I shall use my lovely laptop to check if there is anything worthwhile and then switch the idiot box on. Sigh. I prefer my new obsession (for the last five years) that helps me network and also entertains me. Dear hp, i love you so much!
I shall get a picture of charles babbage and hang it in the front room of a house i build someday, to pay homage to the creator of the ancestors of my darling.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Obsessed with numb3rs

Sometimes there are things in my head that are so pure that when i turn them into words there are either no words or i just don't know how. How hard it is to have ideas and not be able to share it.

This is what dear Charlie Eppes says in Numb3rs. I guess i have mentioned enough times that this is my favorite serial. Rather the only one i watch. For someone who hasn't watched a single episode of FRIENDS ( Ya its me. I think it is silly. I admit it in a public forum) this serial is fascinating and i guess it is because it addresses the geek in me and also the non geek. (I know i am talking like i have MPD. Preethi claims i do anyway.)
I am almost done with the fourth season. There arent too many episodes for me to watch. I guess I will miss Charlie a lot. Especially on days when i am not in the mood to read a book and all i want to do is unwind at the comfort of my house. I guess I will have to rewatch the episodes i already know by heart. Sigh.

Saturday, September 05, 2009


Had dinner in south indies yesterday. (For those of you that dont know where it is, it is in indra nagar) very much on the expensive side (2 dosas cost 75 bucks) but the ambience and the service make it worth the trouble. I would recommend the palkatti vengayathil side dish. It was really well made. The mint chutney was so wonderfully ground. It inspired my cooking today. :D If you are looking for good south indian food and do not have a budget constraint, this would be the right place to haunt.

Today, for a change, i decided to make my saturday lunch at home and invited someone over rather than haunt restaurants. I have to say, I am extremely proud of myself .I made Carrot and Radish Sambar, Aviyal,Mint Chutney and Parupusili. It was awesome!

I was thinking about the whole restuarant hopping business i do and i felt, this is much better. But unfortunately, a restaurant is a much better place to socialise than the kitchen.I agree that the associated costs do lighten the pocket considerably. Still, I wouldnt give it up for anything.

My brilliant buddy says that i sound like a home maker. What i want to say is this. Cooking is my hobby. Like eating. :) And i love both. Especially when i have the right audience to taste my cooking. I really think every human being must know how to cook. :D

A post dedicated to the brilliant company i enjoyed last night. The same company that makes most of my days. :)

Friday, September 04, 2009


This is a post i have been meaning to write for a long time now. I see so many of these specimens around me that i dont know where to start. A few ways to identify this species

a)Has something or the other plugged into the ear. If it is an ipod, the music is loud enough for poor you sitting right next to it to get a headache. If it is a phone, conversation is open enough for you to understand the person's active social life. Some species also reduce their volume at the right time and giggle
b)Wears small tight clothes (I think these are mostly discarded from childhood.)
c) Always surrounded by idiots of the opposite gender who find them innocent and oh so cuteeeeeee ( I cant say the cute the way they do. I am pretty bad at it)
d)Always surround someone from the opposite gender who has done something different. Cannot get hints when being ignored by them.
e)Walk around (when not surrounded by c) with other giggling creatures and put on a look that says,"Something under my nose stinks" when they look at non members of their elite group whom they don't think too much about. If it is someone they wanna lure, their smile is the perfect advertisement for colgate / pepsodent

Many more attributes i can elaborate. But sadly i have promised myself to never make my blog dirty. So i end my observations here.

Normally abnormal?

Everyone around me is either
a)Getting married
b)In the process of getting married
c)Writing GMAT/CAT and throwing out names of colleges i havent even heard (well apart from IIM and ISB i dont know too many B Schools)
d)A subset of c above,and busy writing and rewriting essays for some obscure idiot who isnt going to read so much into it
e)wondering when to shift companies and why it is the best time to do so

Am i the only person being subject to this? I have no intention of doing any of the above 5 anytime soon. Am i not a typical 20 something person? I dunno. :(

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Lines read somewhere long ago

I do not know where i had these lines from. Just found them in an old diary i was browsing through. Thought they were really good so i am putting them up here.
  • There is something in each one of us that wants to be unhappy. It creates in our imagination problems that dont yet exist. Quite often causing them to come true. It exagerates problems that are already there. It reinforces low self esteem and lack of respect for others. It destroys pride in workmanship, order and cleanliness. It turns meetings into confrontations, expectations into dread, oppurtunities into danger stepping stones into stumbling blocks.
  • One thing few people have is fear. Afraid to risk positive emotional expression, positive action, positive involvement and anything beyond Ego.
  • Without difficulties, life would be like a stream without rocks and curves.
  • Without problems there would be no personal growth, no group achievement, no progress for humanity. But what matters about problems is what one does with them.
  • Talking is one thing. Doing is another
  • There nothing wrong with being an enthusiast. If it were not for enthusiasts,there would be no major advances in life and very little excitement.
  • In there world there are two tragedies. One is not getting what one wants and the other is getting it. :D
  • Instant information accumulation is not understanding. (How very very true)
  • Ours is in reality an abstract value society. One in which things are not appreciated for what they are so much as for what they represent
  • When one tries to rise above nature, one is liable to fall below it
  • Men honor what lies within the sphere of their knowledge, but do not realize how dependent they are on what lies beyond it.
  • Science morality and spirituality must go together. Science without ethical and spiritual considerations is not a whole science, but a form of madness.
  • Despite the tired old claim that necessity is the mother of invention, it is usually observation and imagination that deserve the credit.
  • Maintaining an image tends to get in the way of seeing what is there.
  • When a stream comes against some stones in its path,it doesn't struggle to remove them or fight against them. It just goes around them and as it does, it sings.Water responds to whats there with effortless action.


I am home today. I called in sick.I had a temperature. If it had been the good old harini, i would have happily swallowed tablets and let it be. But today, the swine flu fear was just running around my head. I am thinking, which is worse, getting the disease or letting it dictate every move in your life?

I guess it is similar with a lot of things in life. You live with a fear of something or the other and sometimes, you wonder, is the actual thing going to be this bad? I really dont know how to react when my dear friend fear comes walking into my life. I can act high and mighty and say nothing affects me. This gives me confidence sometimes. But i know in the depths of my heart that its not always the truth.

  • Can the light of truth penetrate the dark viel that fear creates?
  • Is it always wrong to be afraid?
  • Does the fear sometimes prepare us in advance?
  • Is there any living being that doesnt know fear?
  • Is fear like love something that classifies us as human?

Interesting questions. I dont know the answers though.