Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Once again I am tagged and this happened thanks to the storyteller.
The tag is that i am supposed to reveal 7 things about me and tag 3 more

  1. I love movies with a happy ending.
  2. I am usually invisible in gtalk/yahoo. This after being a chatting addict for a few years.
  3. I am at times extremely tempermental
  4. I love teddy bears
  5. I want to master krav maga
  6. I love old empty temples
  7. and the obvious, I lovveee food and everything to do with it
I am tagging sowmya , Archana and Aishwarya
There are so few truths in the world that you know one when you see it. :)

I dont know why i liked this quote so much. Maybe, this gives me a great justification for all the distrust i harbor in me about a few things. You know, it aint the truth, so i know it as the truth is unique. :D

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Falling in love

People often say that they are falling in love. That makes me think. Is love like some swamp? (You know the one in psycho? ;))
You are so comforted by the warm mud (unless you hate even playing in mud like me) and you are surrounded on all sides by the warmth that just makes you feel so new and happy, but before you realise, you have sunk for good, never to rise again. :D

A conversation

Daughter and Dad are having a conversation.

Dad: I did warn you about her. I knew she was a bad one.
Daughter : Life is not about making mistakes dad. It is all about learning from the same.
Dad: Well, learning n all is fine, but what if the lesson by itself is a mistake?

No prizes for guessing whom the dad and daughter are. :D

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Influenced ..

Why do words like relaxation, party, unwind etc remind people of a bottle? I mean, how does losing all your senses under the influence of something really help? Wouldnt it be worse when you come back to reality?

I done believe in this concept. However, I am quite sure that i do enjoy my life to the fullest. Think ill take a course on how to enjoy life deriving joy by living and not by being under an influence.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

KSRTC blues

Wednesday night, I had the fortune to travel in a ksrtc bus. The airavat (supposedly indra's vehicle) was late by half an hour to my pick up point and the driver did his best with the rest of the time to make up for those lost minutes and also for the 2 half hour breaks in god forsaken places. I was blessed with a seat in the aisle (Last minute plan so couldnt wait for the window seat) and there was not even a trace of AC.

I was just surprised by the difference in the driving skills exhibited on a weekday night and a weekend night. I like the airavat and it is usually so comfortable. Wednesday, was a little anticlimax.It was almost like a 10th fail student sitting in an IIT classroom. :)

Is it just me or has the difference been observed by others too? That the weekday drivers cant drive properly and dont know how to handle the AC?

The last two days i was cut off from the happening cyber world thanks to the airtel guys who couldnt fix a server problem in madurai. I am so glad to be back blogging.

This post is dedicated to the interesting soul who came to drop me in the bus stand and waited reading my works of art which usually fail the high expectation levels of this genius. :) Thanks!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I wonder

Why is it that we always praise the visible and forget the essential invisible?

We see flags that fly on ships but do nothing other than add a status symbol, and we recognise it. We forget the oars that propelled the ship forward in the first place.. Or the engine for all those with wise cracks lined up.

Why is it that we praise the way a building looks and forget that what was inside was what made it?

Why do we scorn on the invisible? I somehow cant tolerate this. You know you cant exist without it. But why cant you acknowledge that?

I just wish i have it in me to coat the invisible in a visible fashion.

Ramblings on a tuesday night

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Growing army

When meanings begin
to simply disappear
When points are made
for the heck of it
When dreams are dreamt
without a tad of hope
When ideas, ideals
are just words
listed out in a dictionary
When each hour just
leads into another
When each day
mimics the previous

When all wonderment
simply disappears
for it is a wonder to wonder

Then my friend
has the world
truly ceased to exist..

Then my friend
you join the growing army
of the walking dead

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Took me back 2 years

This post here took me back a few years. Wish i can change a few things, but then again, I dont think i wish so too.. A very nice read for anyone who has ever been a student and loved it.. :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The thin/thick line

Today, when i was eating my well earned appam and vegetable stew, i wondered, where does one draw the line between relaxation you derive after something exhausting and idleness. Like, when exactly can it be labelled as idleness? I just wonder. :)

I am sure some tall person's comment is going to be, "When wonderment sets in"

Friday, March 19, 2010

In the long run we are all dead

Today, we had a debate in office and here below is my argument against the topic, "In the long run, we are all dead"

In the long run we are all dead. Hmm.. I am just glad, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela and Mother Teresa did not feel the same. If they had, I doubt if they would have tried to make this world a better place to live in. Fighting for a freedom they knew they might not enjoy, living for others giving up their comforts and nursing human beings just for helping them live on longer. Before I continue quoting bigger names and talking about people we brand great, let me just recount a small story. I am sure all of you must have heard it in one form or the other. “There was once a king who was driving across his kingdom. He paused to notice a bent old man sowing seeds in a small patch of land. He asked the man, “ Dear old man, why are you troubling yourself in your old age. Do you think you would live long enough to enjoy the fruits of this tree?” The old man said, “I would not but my children would.” The king was touched and pleased by his definition and granted him a bag of gold.

A lot of us might not have got bags of gold, but I do know for sure that my parents did sacrifice a lot of things in their life just so that I can have a better tomorrow than them.

I am not plain Harini. I am Harini Padmanabhan. I am my mother’s dream. I am living my fathers wishes and I am glad that we all dream the same dream. I have all my ancestor’s genes or a part of it in me. Everybody who believes in science would admit that no man can escape the influence of his genes. For those who prefer poetry, I would like to quote Shakespeare again.

When every private widow well may keep
By children's eyes her husband's shape in mind

You cannot say that you are a single entity for generations of love, sacrifice and dreams have gone into your making. Not just those of your family. But also that of many individuals related not by blood but by ideas.

For, who you are, is but the form following the function of what you are here for

Once we realize that we have been placed here for a greater good, and for a longer time than our physical body, we would, I hope make wiser decisions. For the cigarette you smoke right now just because you want to seize the day might cause cancer generations later to one bound to you by blood.

I would ask you to remember the ideas, not the man, because a man can fail. He can be caught, he can be killed and forgotten, but 400 years later, an idea can still change the world. I've witnessed first hand the power of ideas, I've seen people kill in the name of them, and die defending them... but you cannot kiss an idea, cannot touch it, or hold it... ideas do not bleed, they do not feel pain, they do not love

You are an idea and once you stick to your ideals, you would realize that you are making a generation. You are an idea and you will never ever die.

Of significant lemons

There is this song from sound of music. "Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.." Where she masks significant issues by the beauty in all that deemed insignificant. I wish I can do that.

Sometimes.. it is not possible to make lemonade when life hands you lemons for you are too busy staring at them in anguish and watching them rot.. :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Clean Green Energy

What is the point in pointless conversations?Sometimes i wish people discover means of harnessing energy out of words that make no sense. Then, there would be no powercuts and we can sit and talk longer in the comfort provided by the nonsense we churn out.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Corby it is!

I finally got myself a phone. It was an impulsive buy. i know i have been wanting to buy a decent phone for a long time now. I had gone with a friend to buy books and i ended up buying a samsung corby! Three cheers to impulsiveness. :) And yes, three cheers to the wonderful thing called creditcard! It not only helps me make a living (i work for hsbc), it also helps me get nice things when i want to. :)

I am so glad today. I have decided to call my decision, an unplanned plan? I wanted something and finally i get it when i least intended to. That sounds more reasonable and mature. I can talk about things like subconscious etc etc and sound all the more wiser.. :)

This is the instrument for all those who dont know.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


This is a slight modification of the line i came up with one day very suddenly in office.

"Just because life is a race, it doesnt mean you have to keep running. At times, you have to pause to ensure you dont drop dead before completing the race."

That brings me back to the question. Is it the temporary glory of leading that you want, or is it the permanent joy of completing the race? I somehow feel a lot of us would choose temporary glory. :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy birthday

Today, happens to be the birthday of a very good friend of mine. Its been almost 1.5 years since i met him and still, he never ceases to surprise me. He is predictable and yet so full of surprises. Someone who loves making fun of me. He has however, never let me down. A very idealistic idiot who is at times intolerable and at times unbelievably supportive.

I am so glad to have come across such a wonderful human being in my life. Thanks for all that you have done, all that you have said and of course for all that you never did and never said, all that you are going to do and going to say too. :D

"Happy Birthday Varun!" May all your dreams come true.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


He was walking in a dusty long road. Sweat oozed out of his body from every place possible and he was too tired to pause and curse his sticky body. He dragged his feet along, inhaling dry air that was scorching his nostrils. His bleeding lips cracked further and his dry eyes sought in vain for a small portion of land which was cooler, under the shade of a lonely tree. He started seeing the lord of death, in a not so distant location. He knew, this was the end.

From nowhere, he saw paradise that had been hidden by the bright rays of the sun and the dust that seemed to abound in the strange place. With a final burst of energy, he walked up to it and got hold of an elixir. With greedy gulps he finished it and then, opened his eyes, to a whole new world. The power it had given him! He wondered aloud and easily discarded issues which he had been faced with just a few minutes ago.

He walked with a brisk pace. The container lay in a dark corner, ignored by the user whose life it had just saved.

P.S.Inspired by an empty nimbooz bottle i just threw away.

Piece of a fertile mind

If you were suffering from want of food, clothes or shelter, you can never be philosophical for your senses would want to attain what it doesn’t have. Only a human being whose basic wants are satisfied has the luxury to think, be philosophical and struggle to stand out.


This seems to be that strange trait that people love to hunt for. It takes years to acquire and sometimes just a few minutes to lose.

It is the difference between the egg that was impatient enough to hatch and be eaten after it is chicken and the egg that never did hatch, was patient enough to wait and was lucky enough to become scrambled egg in a brown bread sandwich. :) So is patience really better in this case? I wonder. Inaction and patience, Impatience and Action do go well together.

I am just trying to convince myself that lack of patience is not that bad. Let me be.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Who are you?

This is such a dangerous sentence at times. When you look at yourself in the mirror and ask. "Who is this I see?" For the brilliant minds about to comment that it is a case of memory loss, i would say this post is not for you. :) For the rest of the illuminated souls, read on.

Who you are.. Where you're from. Where you are going to. How many of us know the answers to these questions? Realise and assess our true potential and confidently say, this, this is what i want to be doing because i like doing it. I have heard people say, "I am doing this because i get money, power and a certain amount of respect in the society" I do not say that it is wrong. But i feel that after a point in time, every individual who knows what he wants should not waste precious time pursuing things that take him away from his goal, just because they offer momentary comfort.

However, I cannot concretely say that satisfaction cannot be achieved by doing anything else other than what you think you like doing. You might get satisfaction because of the rewards you reap out of doing things you exactly dont like. Is it possible for every human being to be completely satisfied in all aspects and domains?

Is it possible to be happy with who you are and know fully well how what you are doing today can take you closer to what you want to be and where you want to be?

Or is an unplanned future the best, for surprises are lovely? I dont know. I am just thinking aloud.


My first memory of having an audience goes back to class 2 (My parents still talk about me being a duck in Class 1. But I refuse to remember that) We had an optional computer class which I had opted out of and so I was sitting in the library reading(Or i guess it was the classroom) Then, I tried drawing a duck on a piece of paper. It was a 4 line notebook and i remember the twisted duck very vividly. (Even today my ducks look only like that. Growing up hasnt changed things too much) There was this boy sitting next to me, peeping into my notebook and he said just one word "WOW"

That, was the first and best compliment I have ever got for my drawings. Today, when i saw a cockroach, i was reminded of my unsuccessful efforts to draw one in high school and the resigned expression on Mala miss's face when she saw my supposed work of art. I have no clue as to what my first audience is upto now. But i still remember his expression and looking back, I think I should have sent him more pictures. Sigh. For all you know, modern art could have been my other hobby.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Sunday evening, I intended to finish "The clocks" by Agatha Christie which i have been trying to complete for almost a week now. Unfortunately, I saw Shahid Kapoor on screen and started watching Chance pe Dance ( I was tired after having unsuccessfully tried to change the gas cylinder in my house) A completely illogical movie which did not even have one nice scene. Sigh. What is wrong with the world? Why do people who have so much money not make nice movies? I am very disappointed and disgruntled with them. I just hope i can finish the book tonight and go buy some more tomorrow. :D

Chronic Dissatisfaction

I heard this word uttered by someone in the television yesterday and I realized that this exactly was the blessing/curse which mankind has. I have already touched on it in my previous posts where this comes disguised as something else. With time i have realized it is so easy to be dis-satisfied. After all, it only takes 3 more alphabets to add to an existing state. I am not saying it is wrong. I mean, if man hadn't been dissatisfied with walking, then he wouldn't have invented the many vehicles we see on the road. If he hadnt been bored with raw food, he wouldn't have discovered the art of cooking(thank god for it) If he hadnt been bored with sitting around and grunting with each other, there would be no art, poetry, literature.. To mention a few.

My only question is this. When would it stop? When would the search for something better than something else we already have stop? Are there always things which exist that are somehow better? And if we do get the best, then what would happen? Would we imagine or discover flaws and try to fix it and start searching for things that would fix the flaws?

Would all the searches stop when we find internal peace that helps us not care about how the surroundings are? Is it possible? Sometimes i feel it is. Sometimes i dont. For the problem is, perfection is like a fragile glass. Even if there is a small speck of dust on it, it is blown out of proportion. It requires a balance, maintaining which in itself sometimes causes stress. Considering this fact, then is the lack of perfection the best state? When you would start seeking it? Or is this the truth? That something seems perfect because we never have it? The moment we do, it starts losing its magic? Are we all doomed to a life of chronic dissatisfaction?

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Of beauty and dust

You are in a beautiful place. Not one inherently beautiful. You know, the i got used to it and fell in love with it types. You slowly start noticing flaws you never did before. Maybe they just crept in when your eyes had frozen upon a scene of your liking. Imagine yourself blinking. The eyelids close post a beautiful scene captured so vividly tht it seems to be right in front of you though your eyes are closed. You walk through your domain with eyes closed and imagining it is open. The layout is unchanged and the mind is smart enough to adjust to this lack of vision. Its only that things have lost their sheen and splendour and you feel you havent when you finally open your eyes.

Is it better to leave your eyelids closed and enjoy the beauty longer? Or is it better to hope for a monsoon tht would clear away all the accumulated dust? A monsoon that might never come? But then isnt hope a wonderful thing? Or is it best to find a more beautiful playground? However doesnt the dust of familiarity settle down everywhere? Is constant travel the only solution?