Friday, May 28, 2010

The wise fool

A wise man and a fool are often laughed at. However, how do you decide which bucket it is that you fall into? (After hours in office, i still talk in buckets and segments) Everything seems to be falling into place recently. I wonder, whether I am being wise or if I am being a wise fool in hoping for the greener grass that i haven't seen in a long time now. Yet, I close my eyes and let myself float. Two days ago, I realised that it is high time i stopped trying hard to take control of my life. I surrendered myself to the universe (Am i talking like Paulo Coehlo?) I feel a lot more peaceful. The world around me is flying full speed and I have decided to fly along, only at my own pace. I will live.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happiness and Peace

It was bliss. :) Today I found out,

1. Yellow carnations are lovely
2. Dark Chocolate tastes awesome though some find it bitter. I have fallen in love with them again
3. Landmark has just a wide variety of options when you want to buy something
4. Charm bracelets look good on me. :D
5. Ambrosia has good service and awesome food.
6. Facebook is a great way to keep in touch (I mean, I realised it again)

I fell all over in love with life again. I have been really harried and grumpy in the past few weeks for a lot of things and this one day all that disappeared. Maybe, all it required was a rebirth. :) I am so glad for what I have gained. I am also glad that what I lost is not as indispensable as I thought it to be.

My first birthday spent completely away from family. My sister was also not here this time. But I still had a lovely time thanks to all the relationships I have formed over the years. A big thanks to all who called and wished. Should I mention that those who met me made my day? I did tell all of you that straight up. Dint I?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I just got a huge cake as a surprise birthday gift from Mega mart! I am so surprised and happy because of this gift. Lovely cake. Considering the crappy marketing campaigns a lot of companies do, I think this is something nice. I have a positive image about the place. :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

I wish & I know

I wish

I could take a trip back in time and change a few things
I can relive a few moments a few years longer
I can avoid the choices I am faced with now
I have the power to recreate what i see in my mind in the real world
I dont have to admit that life is not so simple as I want it to be
I can catch hold of the hand I see waiting for me and never let it go
I can take every breath in a new free land where the mind is not stopped by limitations
I need never let those i care about go too far away

I know

Whatever has happened has happened for a reason
Anything precious becomes mundane if it is all one experiences
Choices sculpt me each moment into who I am no matter how difficult they are to make
No matter what I see, what i have is all i have and it is upto me to make the most of it
Life is as simple if you take it as it comes and complicated if you want to make it simpler
That what is mine is mine - no matter how unreal this line seems to be
Independence is just a state of mind and limitations are imposed by the same mind
Distance makes the heart grow fonder

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Memories of my best friend

Anyone who knows me would agree to the fact that i think too much. I mean, when you compare how much I talk and how much I think, the latter wins hands down. I dont want the reader to think I brood about things. I do. But the past is not one of those. I love brooding about the future imagining scary scenarios. So much so that the worst that happened looks like its the best when compared to what my wild imagination had told me. Tonight I was very hungry when i hit my house as i hadnt had anything for dinner. I managed to churn something out with my magical culinary skills and after that I was thinking about life.

May 21,2009 is very vivid in my mind. It was a thursday and I had reached office a little earlier. Since i was too tired, I had dressed up nicely (Nice by normal standards). (A strange trait of mine. When i am really irritated with life, i dress well and pig out on sweets without any reason) Namita was there then and we were just having one of our usual conversations when my phone rang. I remember talking to someone I havent spoken to for more than 6 months now. The snapshot of those moments were so strong that i took a few minutes to recover to the present.

How funny the past is! It resurfaces when you least expect it to and in a very strange fashion.

Why do things change so? Everytime i pause to introspect and look back at my life, I am greeted by my best and possibly only constant friend - Change. A lot of things I never imagined have come to pass in the last year (some where real pleasant surprises) and a lot of things I never wanted to let go have now been forgotten and packed away as a simple memory I would revisit . some day. I wonder . . How different is my future going to be from this present? Would I regret losing the things i dont really care about now? Would I really lose them in the first place? Would I have somethings I never thought I would? Are those things really as non-existent as I imagine them to be? Aren't they perhaps hidden in some corner of my heart waiting for me to discover I want them? I dont know.

I can only wonder and ponder as i wait for sleep to finally come. I hope it is not the eternal one. For as much as i might claim to have lived my life to the fullest, there are still some things that adorn my to do list and i dont think i can rest till they are completed.

Water and Honey

When you add water to honey, you start diluting it. To a certain extent, honey is adulterated, but then after a certain point, it becomes more of water than honey. What is it then that the original molecules of honey, if they still retain their original form feel? Wouldn't they want to leave the mixture where they dont belong? Where will they go they and how will they? For whether they want it or not, they are what forms the essence of the mixture. :) At 1 o clock in the night, I think I should not write.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Midnight Memories.

Last night, i came back home a little later than my usual time. (I am not trying to show off that i work hard here.) And, unlike usual days, i had rolled down the window of my cab and was staring out with the cold air caressing my face. It was a great experience. I finally saw a lot of busy junctions completely devoid of human life. Infact, we were the only people on the road. I have heard a lot of people rave about the early morning. I think all that raving has led to more people waking up to enjoy the morning. I on the other hand, love the night. It is one time when you hardly see a soul in the roads. Even lorry drivers leave the city by 12. I love driving(rather sitting in a vehicle driven by someone else) in the night. Though i might have to work longer to enjoy the few minutes of cab ride, i think, it is worth it. (atleast once in a while.)

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Gods smiled

I was hoping for a really good summer shower to get rid of all the heat that has become bangalore's trademark nowadays. Yesterday evening, I decided to finally go to Bangalore Central. I was deterred from my objective by a newly opened cafe, French Loaf. I convinced my room mate (who dint need too much convincing) to accompany me. The bakery was seriously good and I enjoyed every piece we ordered. Finally, we decided to get out and go to Central.

Once we got into the vehicle, it started raining. Considering it to be a temporary shower, we tried to go to a nearby optician. But by then it was raining so heavily that we couldnt get out. Trees started falling all around and water was getting into the vehicle near our legs! I was thinking what would happen if a branch fell on our head! To top it, the wiper did not work and we couldnt see anything around us!

We did a few circles around the junction splashing water on a lot of people and thanks to non existent right turns and U turns, we were exhausted by the time we could enter the road leading to our house,. Though it had been only 15 mins out, our only objective was to get back home. After another painful wait, (the signal nearby had stopped working. Then an auto stopped in the middle of the road thanks to the rains blocking the traffic completely)

We enter our house and the rain stops completely! Talk about luck. Sigh. The only saving grace that evening was the game of pool during the course of which i realised i wasnt so bad at it as i thought i was. :(

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Timeless classic

Date : 2005 OASIS
Venue : The lawns right outside Audi, Pilani

H : Life is very funny
S : I agree.
H : I want to write a book
S : So do I.

Date : 2010 May
Venue : Papa John's Pizza

S : Thank God girls arent ambitious
H : Why do you say so?! My ambition is publishing a book
S : Sigh

There are somethings time cant change. :)

I met a friend after almost a year today and as usual, I am really surprised about how much and how little things have changed. We still have the same bonding though we are miles apart and our lives are no longer that of carefree college students. I think about a few so called friends and few whom i am bound by blood but nothing else and I realized that there are a few with whom things never would change no matter how many years pass.(Touch Wood) I am so glad I have such timeless classic pieces ( Well, I gave a compliment and it was not pig. :) ) and I am thankful for that.

Post dedicated to poetry for it was the poetry club that led to us becoming friends and of course to Sagnik! You are an amazing guy. :)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Unnai Kandane Mudal Murai

I absolutely love this song. Something nice about the lyrics and the music. :)

Birthday blues

Today, i went hunting for a nice birthday dress. (Yes, I love celebrating my birthday and I would no matter how old I am.) I decided that I would get the best possible. I spent nearly an hour in forum walking through various clothes stores there.

Soch was over priced and the designs were seriously not too great.

There was an expensive looking shop right next to it - Completely empty and had a really pathetic service. Only saving grace was a girl who opened the door when i walked in and closed it when i stormed out.

Westside did not have a good collection.

There was another shop that had formal clothes and i rushed in only to read a board which said Planet Fashion - The men's store. So much for the misleading female crowd there.

I ended up going to the only place in forum which has never disappointmed me - Landmark. I got books and came back home to spend a quiet evening reading. I think I am going to end up buying books for my birthday and break my age old tradition of getting a new dress. :(

Friday, May 14, 2010

The means to an end

I always used to argue, that the means are as important as the end. Nowadays, I wonder. If the struggle to stick to the means is really worth the trouble. However, each time i think so, i am reminded of a bridge. If the person who constructed it thought that the end objective of completing it was all that mattered and did not bother about the means, we would not even have a skeleton of a bridge to stand on and life for a lot would be cut short.

Maybe, what i do might not seem on the outside to be as great as the bridge being constructed. But then, each of us are by ourselves a bridge to something much greater. The relationships we build, the moments we create by virtue of just being ourselves, all these amount to much more than we can imagine.It forms the part of a jigsaw puzzle called the universe and each piece is important and in a way special. Though each piece is alike for its end objective is to help complete the picture for him up above.

We leave behind cracked pieces when all we care about is the end and not the means. Too many spoilt pieces can spoil the picture.I can atleast try my best at my level to not spoil the picture. :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

States of matter

I was reminded of my elementary science lesson today. I realised that human beings, after all are made of matter and do behave like the three basic states.

Solid - The adamant few who never change their minds. It takes a lot of convincing and literal beating to make them change their ideas. They are usually SME (Subject matter Experts) and their ideas are based on rock solid foundations. While these people can be relied on to help you out, obstinacy is sometimes a dangerous trait and they are a little (i am understating the little here) allergic to change

Liquid - Majority of the population, most of the time. (As a famous mineral water ad says, human body is 70% water). People who morph their form, shape and ideas based on the company they are with. A wave no matter how huge and how majestic, can never last. It is but a temporary form assumed by water. Most of the water people forget this and continue with their shape shifting tactics. Personally, I am a little allergic to those who assume this state too often. :)

Air - Well, a select few who can be shapeless, formless and yet omnipresent. They do not commit and do not stick to one place. Some of them are nothing but gas bags. As i often say ignorance with the right facial expression is often mistaken to be intelligence.

We cant live without water, air or land. But then too much of one thing can definitely kill unless you are that one thing (well, everyone has to tolerate herself/himself!) I see some of the traits in people and i dont want to elaborate too much here. However, i hope the reader gets the drift. :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Badmash company

In a few words, do not watch this movie unless you think that
  1. Shirts which l0se their color when washed would become fashionable in the US because Shahid Kapoor sells it
  2. The simplest thing in the world is to become a business man in the US
  3. Reebok can be convinced to deliver shoes in such a way that one shipment has shoes for the right leg and another that for the left
  4. Anushka's continuous show of skin compensates for her lack of acting
  5. It is child's play to make almost 3 million dollars buying stock at $11 and selling it at $17.

Monday, May 10, 2010


I chanced upon this restaurant a friend of mine had recommended a long time ago yesterday night. It is situated right behind forum. Considering that it is a sunday night and that people always go for fine dining, i expected the place to be crowded. Thankfully it was not. The first thing that impressed me was the decor. It was so elegant and quiet inside. The service was very good. I would say that this is an ideal place for a romantic dinner. The candle lights all around only add to the charm of this place.

As we were in a hurry to get back home, we skipped the starters. However, they provided us with a few pieces of naan and pindi chole and dal to keep us occupied till the main course we had ordered came. We wolfed it down and believe me, it tasted divine.

The main course was awesome! We had an achari panneer and a mixed veg curry. The latter was spiced up just about right with black pepper and the paneer gravy was creamy without being too heavy. The roomali roti i had ordered was more than enough for one person. Me being me, i again insisted on ordering a biryani. Another decision i was glad i made. The biryani clubbed with the tasty raita and the side dish made for a really good meal. We had to pack most of it as we definitely couldnt eat it after our rotis.

All the dishes came in generous helpings and the service was impressive. They always seemed to know when to serve what and how to do it in an unobtrusive manner. I got to know that they have a buffet lunch from Monday to Saturday and I am definitely going to visit the same the next chance i get. :)

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Beware! Mantri Square Ahead

Now that i am in a nice mood, i shall do what i do best-criticize. :) I happened to visit Mantri Square last week on a saturday evening and boy did i regret the decision despite watching a brilliant movie. Despite being the biggest mall in South asia, the first thing this place reminds you of is a local market on the day of a discount sale. It was packed from one end to another. All that was seen was just a mass of heads. It was so difficult to navigate around the place.
The major reason i had wanted to go all the way to malleshwaram to watch a movie was because i wanted to check out taco bell. Another BIG anticlimax. It was again filled with too many people and the service was quite poor. They took over 45 mins to process our order as they forgot about it. The crowd got out of hand as the orders started arriving out of order (they have a number system. They call out the token number and you have to go get your order) and the food was definitely NOT WORTH THE WAIT.
We ended up crawling our way back home thanks to the unregulated traffic. I have taken a solemn oath to never step towards that mall unless i have no book to reread and nobody to talk to. It is a hopeless place and forum is much better. And yes, how can i forget. I LOVE MCDONALDS.

How to train your dragon

I watched this movie last saturday in probably one of the most crowded and difficult to reach places i have been in ever - The mantri square in malleshwaram. More about it later.
I fell in love with toothless, the dragon trained. :) In a few lines, this is a movie with witty dialogues, flawless screenplay, well rounded characters and yes, a simple but strong storyline. I am always a sucker for animated movies and this one almost had me in tears in a few places. The bond between the dragon and the boy is touching and their efforts to stand up for each other is beautiful and not in the least exagerrated. In one line, i would say this is one of those well made must watch feel good movies that come out once in a while.


I have often believed that a person should give importance to the small things that happen in one's life as more often than not, it is that which is more important than anything else. Today, a lot of wonderful small things happened. After a really long time, i had time to unwind, sit at home without worrying about shifting in or out, moving things or falling sick. After a really wonderful morning (which as the reader would have guessed i spent sleeping) everything fell in the right place.

I had a nice lunch, long walk around a beautiful area i live in, good dinner with loved ones and last but not the least, a winning streak after a long time in monopoly. :) I am definitely delighted. I feel things would soon start falling in place and that all the confusion, tiredness, anger and sorrow would disappear. Funny how a series of small things can completely change one's perspective and beautiful how the winds of joy and hope blow in through a small gap in the window and slowly throw the window wide open. I am once again in love with life.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Invictus & Life

I read Invictus a very long time ago. The poem was so powerful that i wrote it down and hung it in my office cubicle. Today, i was looking at it and i saw these lines

"And yet the menace of the years
finds and shall find me unafraid.
It matters not how straight the gate
how charged with punishments the scroll
I am the master of my fate
I am the captain of my soul"

As always, i was captivated by the very powerful positive attitude of the writer. How many of us can be as confident? How many of us can stick to our principles come what may and state the truth even if it is dim in comparison with all the colorful lies that fly around? I wonder if i have the courage. I think I do. But unless like Sita, i pass the flame test, i dont think i can say that with complete confidence.

I take a solemn oath today that even if fall i may, i would definitely try my best not to. As idealistic as I am, I know that reality is not always ideal. :)

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The why and the what

Why is the post called so?
What do i write?

Thats all is running in my mind now. I have been trying to write and i have a writers block! (As i mentioned long ago, if i can be called a writer that is) My mind is a complete blank and i now look at my day in terms of the number of bewitched episodes watched after i came back from work. (Of course i am also reading up on the cast. Samantha is so gorgeous)
I intend to put a stop to this mode when each day is just leading into another without anything happening. I have to do something and get out of this. Spend my time usefully. Guess May 4th shall be the day i start thinking again about the why i am here and what i intend to achieve when i am here in this world. :(

P.S. This post is a byproduct of a confused,tired mind.