Thursday, August 26, 2010

Change and Hope

I am so bugged with change hitting me from almost every possible angle in my life. It is almost like when someone tells me this has happened, i can only give them a been there done that line. I hope things stabilise soon. I hope I can find the stability and peace I think I so badly need. Or should I simply wish that I understand what I need and see if i already have it?

Being a believer in fate, I wonder if what is happening is his way of making me, who has never faced too many major issues in life, to see what it is like to have some.

I wonder if all i need is a little more patience and absolute hope and trust in a better tomorrow.


Sastry said...

Finally, my mind started sensing the change :(

sid said...

change is the best thing you get from life in exchange for monotony....start relishing it an life's suddenly all fun...:)

Subramanian said...

Change maara poradilla.. Dont hope much for stability.. Maavadu illadha thayir saadam maari ayidum vaazhkai ! :)