Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Time they say
changes everything
Time they claim,
makes you forget
or plainly reinforces a memory
Maybe, lets you morph
into an all new being

All the time in the world
my own minute universe
is what I have today
All the time in the world

I really wonder if that can erase
what was
for every fragment
of a common past
lies there - bottled up
waiting for me
to revisit
waiting for me
to rekindle the spark
that initiated all this

Yet another traveler
I bid adieu to
on a journey to carve
a new path of life
and to reshape
what will be

All the will be's
can never replace
what was
It was but a lifetime
a beginning without an end
for me the writer,
this aint a short story
but an epic saga

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Sastry said...

Nice poem!