Friday, September 10, 2010

Big Banyan Tree - Off Mysore road

I had a lovely day today. There were numerous plans for this long weekend of mine. They varied from Jog falls to Innovative film city to sleeping. (The last one being the most important as i have not had time to sleep in sometime now. :) ) However, being the impulsive people we are, we finally decided to go to some nice place for breakfast (do i have to mention that it did not happen as well for most of the places were too far away and by the time we decided to head out, we were too hungry and the nearest restaurant was decided to be the best?). After a heavy breakfast, we ventured into the city. The plan was to see the much famed big banyan tree. On the way, we waltzed on the electronic city fly-over, ventured to the lesser explored parts in that area(which is most of it as i have only been in the main road in that place) and finally after going to areas like Begur, which i have not even seen in the Bangalore map, finally hit the NECE road. (ya, it is NECE. Not NICE).

I drove a car after a long time and I was quite happy to fly in fourth gear. :) After some more searching, we finally landed on the big banyan tree. I would say, it was worth the few hours in the sun. It was so cool and beautiful there. True, it was only a bunch of trees, but for someone surrounded by concrete jungles and noisy, witty monsters ( I am referring to all electronic devices around me), it was a much needed respite. I felt at peace with the world (for the time i was there. Come on, if i became a saint, lot of people would starve for want of entertainment)

We headed back to the city and had a lovely lunch at Rajdhani (the one restaurant i LOVE). I was a little sad that to see a few trees and monkeys, human beings had to travel so far. We have removed whatever possible greenery from around us and seriously live in pathetic concrete jungles. I wish things change someday and we are more responsible about what we surround ourselves with.

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Raji said...

Are the we in the first paragraph and the we on the last paragraph one and the same people?