Sunday, September 26, 2010


I love food. So much so that the best way people cheer me up is by offering me a sweet or a chocolate or promising me a culinary delight. When Prateek told me about Chowka, I decided i just had to visit the place.The unlimited Rajasthani thali for Rs.120 in a city where a normal meal for two without mocktails or desserts, in a decent restaurant would come up to Rs.300. The place is truly value for money.

I loved the dal bhati and Churma and the basan ka curry took me back to my Pilani days when we used to have the same for lunch on wednesdays. The malpua was very well made and the courteous staff made me feel like royalty in a small, well lit cramped restaurant. I would heartily recommend this place to anyone who loves food. Indian food, really is the best.

Chowka is located in the Tippasandra main road and the management has made good use of the little space available. The service is prompt and quick and the food worth atleast a single visit.

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Raji said...

Hey! you must charge the hotel for this write up. Tell them to give you a free meal atleast.