Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dead and not buried

I have something old. I had some lovely memories with it and some bitter. Like anything else in the world, it was also to me a mixed bag. One that i do not revisit often or rather at all unless it cannot be avoided at all costs. I tried to destroy the remnants with a single match. I wonder if it was correct. Maybe, i could have found some place for it in my life. Or is it the case of a lost pet that is never gonna come back? Is destruction any day better than a state of wistful contemplation? I can only wonder now. I know it is not too late. But sometimes in life, the past is better left alone. If you cannot take a stake, pierce through its heart and bury it deep underground.

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Sastry said...

blogging after almost a week! were u searching for something in the mixed bag :P