Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Men at arms

There comes a point in life when characters in a book become the friends you have always wanted. You laugh with them, you fear for them and you seriously hope you run into someone like them. Pratchett, somehow makes me want to get into the discworld. I have successfully finished 17 of the discworld books and be it the books about DEATH or the Night Watch or the Witches, I have loved them all. Some of course more than the rest, but overall, had a lovely time reading, laughing and overall living. 

Men at Arms had one of my favorite characters, Carrot. "People often mistake simple to be stupid." Carrot, an almost dwarf who believes in the inherent niceness of people (and dwarves and trolls and werewolves and even Golems) somehow ends up saving the day. There are numerous comical instances involving him, Angua (the werewolf), Gaspode (the talking dog), Detritus (the troll who once tried his stint in the moving pictures) and of course Vimes and the Patrician. The book tries to explore the concept of belonging, oneness, truth, deception and man's addiction to weapons. The "Gonne" commands those that command it and the novel chronicles the adventures of the watch in trying to apprehend the hand that holds the "Gonne" . Another track in the book explores the search to identify the right heir to the throne.

Overall a very good read. Definitely much better than my so called review. I would heartily recommend Pratchett any day for a good laugh. I am waiting to finish Soul Music. Another awesome read with DEATH. :)

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