Friday, September 10, 2010


This place is special to me for a lot of reasons. But right now, let us restrict the discussion to just food and food. :) I venture out quite often hunting for nice places to eat. Rajdhani is one of the few restaurants I go often to. (I have gone around 5 times in the last one year) The food and the prompt service remind me of eating in a wedding. Only this time sitting in a comfortable seat. The menu is usually quite elaborate and unlimited.

In bangalore, I have been to three branches of Rajdhani. The one in UB City is the best of the lot. The ones in Forum Value Mall and the BTM central are good, but fade in comparison with the original. In a city of VAT and BAT and what not, the restaurant putting up a price inclusive of everything only increases my respect for them. Their team work seriously would put a lot of so called teams to shame. They have this elaborate signals by which they communicate what dish a customer wants and in less than two mins, it is on your plate.

For some people who come from places with cheaper food, the price might not be an attraction, but for someone who spends loads in service tax and eats in places with crappy service, Rajdhani would be a welcome visit. I really love this place and would recommend it to anyone who wants simple plain food and lots of it real fast.

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