Friday, September 24, 2010

Sadly satisfied

Is it always about the returns for everything in life? Is there nothing but that? I wonder. I am not able to see a quantifiable return for a lot of things I do.I am satisfied but a dissatisfaction sets in when i start looking at the lack of return. I wonder what is the term I should coin for this state. Sadly Satisfied. I hope it does not last too long.


Raji said...

My dear! Things are not like a game of ping pong in this chaotic universe. What you do sets off a chain of reactions and the result can never be accurately predicted. But you are one of those who have received abundantly; good things from life such as health, education, entertainment, fashions.....the list goes on. So you keep returning and doing things in life which will benefit, may be not you every time,but the overall scheme of things and make the chaos a tolerable one.

Sastry said...

if the return u want is nothing quantifiable, then getting a return of zero is ur objective.... and u should be satisfied