Saturday, September 04, 2010

Sahib Singh Sultan

I feel like the art director trying his hand at commercial movies. Not that I know any one like that personally whose feedback and emotions i have captured vividly. I just wanted to make use of words that were there on the top of my head. I noticed that the blog content has changed a lot last month and has more food and book reviews than before. This is not an effort to break from the same. For want of anything better to do, i am trying to have a artistic way of writing a food review.

What better place to choose than Sahib Singh Sultan where the art and the ambience is everything. Another concept restaurant from the BJN group which has given us Bombay Post, Samarkhand, Indijoes and other fine dining restaurants. The concept of a train with funky names like Chalti ka Naam gaadi and waiters dressed as Ticket Collectors and the like. The food is quite heavy on the tummy and ensures that there is a dent in the bank account too.

The service is quite quick and they anticipate your every need. The food tastes heavenly. Every dish is well crafted and is a treat to behold and consume. An ideal place to spend a lazy afternoon when you have some money to spare and best suited for special occasions. :)


S said...

How much does it come to per head? I always thought it would be expensive!

Harini Padmanabhan said...

It is a little expensive. Comes to around 500-700 per head. :D