Tuesday, September 28, 2010


A case that has been pending for decades together. Finally, we would get to hear something about it. A verdict.
To tell us what to do and hopefully would be something sensible. Either way, the effects of this ruling would be a verdict on the emotional maturity of our fellow country men. How much have we grown as a nation? How ready are we to lay aside our differences and accept our short comings gracefully and work towards making it better? We have so little trust on our fellow beings.This is obvious with the way institutions have been declaring holidays and government has been banning Bulk SMS. In a lot of ways, it is justified if you just pause and look at history. Recent history.
Our country which was once the seat of civilization is now long lost in the glory of the past and not concentrating enough on a better present let alone a future.We are caught under the shackles of money hungry animals (Man is an animal) and we dont care two hoots about what is happening. I just pray that we grow up real soon and try to make this a better place to live in and recreate the glory that was once ours.

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