Friday, October 22, 2010


It does happen, more often than required that the sanest of human beings let their minds and emotions be controlled by fear. Fear, something that ideally should be non existent in a perfect world, where you need not fear why you talk what you talk to who you talk and where the mind is respected the way it is for what it is. I wonder, if there is ever going to be a case where the world would be an ideal place to live in. The practical me is confident that it would never happen unless everything ceases to exist for the only thing that is perfect is the presence of imperfections. The idea me, hopes and dreams of a slightly better tomorrow where the mind is, literally without fear.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A new beginning

Beginnings are always nice. When you stand right there, you never think of what is going to happen later. YOu never accept that things can go crashing headlong. You only see what is beautiful and stand mesmerized as you take your baby steps. :)

All this fundae because i got the whole collection of asterix. Not I per se. But with someone else, whom i shall soon talk about in detail. A good buy and i am enjoying looking at it. I know that a few years later it might get a little worse for wear, but still, it is worth it. For right now, this instant, I am happy and peaceful.
Sometimes life throws surprises your way. When it does that, you wonder, what it is that is so charming about things that are so obviously superfluous and irritating. Do human beings like putting on an act because it gives them a purpose in life? I wonder. What is it that all these surprises want from you? What is it that you want from life? I know I sound drunk, though i very much am not. I am just stunned

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Awesome song. Reminds me of the days gone by from a faraway universe called Pilani and of a girl who somehow grew up. :D

Thursday, October 14, 2010


It is Pooja/Navrathri time. I see a lot of people up to a lot of things. At home, we have never had a golu. I frankly thought it was a huge waste of time, setting up dolls for people to come, see, comment and cook food for all those that came home. Now, When i am living on my own away from most people who matter, i realise that golu is a beautiful way of socialising. In a time and place where women had no place to go to work and nothing to do at home, a golu would have kept them occupied and kept the culture alive, transferred from one generation to another in the form of stories.

I dont think i will ever be in a state where i dont work in my life. i am not sure if i will have time to keep and invite people for, a golu. However, I wonder if having a golu is an interesting way of collecting information about my rich culture. Maybe next year. :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The numb traveller

A dark dreary night. There is nothing to see but the darkness and nothing to do but hope that the numbed senses lead me home. Stay put i cannot for around me are monsters that prey anything still. Move faster i cannot for i am ignorant and blind. I move as fast as I can, praying to my guardian angel, hoping for a respite.

Suddenly, i can feel the cobblestones. They are so similar to the ones in the path i tread as a kid. I see a slight thin ray of light showing up. The distance seems not too far. I wonder how i see the light all of a sudden. Did its existence begin only now? With hope, love and joy i start moving ahead faster.

Then as fast as it came in, i see the light disappear. My legs are numb again and I wonder if this is a dream i can wake up from and happily say, you know what, i had a scary dream. But know I do, that life sometimes is worse than a nightmare for you cannot wake up from it. You can only end it.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

From into to

There is no escaping what was
It doesnt always stop you
from what you want to be
It doesnt always push you back
But it does make you ponder
and think twice and wonder
If the truth is that
History just bloody repeats
If only with different characters.

Saturday, October 09, 2010


Yes, another Pratchett. This one involving DEATH and his grand daughter Susan. Susan, being the self reliant young woman that she is, has become the governess to two children and her hobbies there include beating and chasing monsters away and fighting bears with a poker. Its Hogswatch time and DEATH has taken over the reins from Hogfather as something has happened to him. The whole story revolves around susan trying to solve the mystery and DEATH trying a different role of being a giver than a receiver.

The auditors of reality show up once again in this book after Reaper Man and are as realistic and practical as ever. The book is again a must read and I am not able to decide what it is about Pratchett that i like best. Is it his character sketch, is it his dealing very carefully with real issues in a fantastic realm, is it the amount of research that has gone into each book (refer to, it has a lot of annotations from all his books), or is it his amazing sense of humour or is it his beautiful plot construction? I am unable to decide. I only want to get to Jingo now and finish the book quickly.

Pratchett has opened a new world for me, one i dont want to leave so easily.


The more i read of Pratchett, the more I want to read. :) Somehow he has weaved a wonderful world with his words, a world i want to be a part of and a world whose characters I have come to love, admire, hate and loath. This book is about the witches. It has the temperamental, cunning and crafty Granny Weatherwax, the very knowledgeable and compassionate Nanny Ogg and a girl in search of her identity, Agnes, who does not want her life lived for her. Agnes, assumes a stage name of Perdita and joins an opera. The concept of beauty and stardom is dealt with very beautifully. Agnes, who has very nice hair and a heart as huge as her body also has a lovely voice. However, all that she can do is lend voice to the lean and gorgeous Christine who doesnt know a do from a re. :)
Like any other opera, this one too has a lot of drama, only more so because there is a very peculiar phantom haunting it. On one hand it sends the propreitor notes asking Christine to lead a specific opera and on the other hand goes around happily killing people.
The book has a lot of hilarious instances involving Greebo, Nanny's cat and the travel from the Ramptops to Ankh Morpork, Agnes trying to Morph into Perdita and Granny's attempts at trying to solve the mystery. Overall a gripping read - funny, scary at places and at times, quite thought provoking.

Of straight roads and sudden surprises

Life has this strange habit. When you are walking down a road after dealing with things you think you had to, you suddenly realise that something is coming towards you in full speed. Something very big and quite powerful. The air is split apart by its sheer velocity and the molecules enter your ear and scream inside it. However, there is nothing much you can do as you are too scared and you simply duck. Only to realise that what has been sent is in fact a boomerang and that you would have been better off if you had stood up and caught it with your hands and hurled it back.
I only hope that what i see approaching is a boomerang and not a cannon ball. For as much as i trust my confidence, i know for a fact that i cannot catch a cannon ball with my bare hands. Or can I?

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Unusually usual

Just another road in just another city.One so much like another in this country. It is like they have been made to fit in any bit of the subcontinent. A cool guy wearing sun glasses in teh night with his hand resting on the shoulder of another similarly clad moron right next to him. Two hormonally active girls aware and glad of the attention of the random strangers.

A three wheeler struggling to leave its mark on a crowded road. Two buses caught at the cross roads, both wanting to move ahead and both being obstructed by the other. A lot of lives simply interconnected because of where and how they are.

A small drop comes down and disappears completely unnoticed. Quickly followed by another and soon what was by size so insignificant makes up for it in volume and you have a torrential downpour. A downpour, attempting to cleanse the scorched souls and treat their wounds. It does succeed with those with skin deep wounds. But not all scars can be taken care of overnight. Some people do relish revisiting what was for in their contorted vision, that and only that is their identity. The rain leaves, unable to decide whether it was a success or a failure, unable to accept that those are not the only two states of being.

I simply watch the rain, fully aware that what goes around, has to come around and that every wound does heal, even if not immediately and that special summer rains are much more important for they remind people of something more than the tedium of their existence.

You know its not meant to be when

  1. You have not been sleeping though you have had 2 holidays in a week
  2. Your friend drops in when you are about to sleep and you cant sleep anymore
  3. You have to travel overnight and your driver stops the bus every one hour and you wake up even if there is a slight disturbance
  4. The icing on the cake is the lady next to you who has to snore all night
  5. You come home only to have to go out as soon as you come in
A post dedicated to sleep (or the lack of it). Hope I am able to get a peaceful rest soon.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

The light at the end of the tunnel

I stand at cross roads
Unfortunately blinded by the powerful light
Right from the future

I remember a past of a girl
a little confused, a little sad
somehow always trying to be more
than what could have been
than what was

I remember the lessons
about the light at the end of a long tunnel
A promised light
that would give a new direction
even if not forever

even if not for long
for time enough to garner sufficient strength
to reach and complete the next tunnel
The light on which the hope of all mankind
The light simply created
by all the suppressed hope

I also remember the experiences
from my own memory
which somehow pose
as figments of a imaginative mind
The fire
that could destroy easily
as bright as the light
as dangerous
and potent enough to drain
the soul remaining in the body

What is it that would greet me at the end
of this long lonely tunnel?
What is it into which i am plummeting?

I can only guess and hope.

Soul Music

Yet another masterpiece from the man of the hour in my life - Pratchett! I am not a huge fan of rock n roll. I enjoy a few bands, rather songs and listen to anything under the sound as long as it has some soul in it. Soul Music is a parody on the world of Rock n Roll.

No one can escape from the charm of Music and this time around, it has come all the way to Ankh Morpork, coinciding with the time DEATH is disillusioned with his life and his Grand Daughter Susan is in charge convinced to do her job by Binky (DEATH's Horse) and The DEATH OF RATS. Enter Imp d Celyn whose stint on stage creates a music that does more to people than just make them want to nod their heads. With thousands of fans following his band(they make the music with Rocks in it), he is driven by something much more powerful than all magicians. As powerful as life itself for this music has the power to give life.

A lovely book filled with parodies, idealistic girls on white horses, a being(man doesn't sound accurate. He is after all DEATH) with a perfect memory trying to forget what was, what is and what will be, Music making normal people with their humdrum lives want to be something more, want to rebel. A book about all this and much more. One that i would not forget easily and one i kept quoting (or misquoting) in today's lounge piranha concert. :)

Truth is somehow much stranger than fiction.

Of a gloomy hope

Yesterday, contrary to a few expectations was very peaceful. A wonderful day at home. Cooking, eating, reading. It was such a wonderful day. So not what could have been if someone had decided that peace was not worth the trouble. i am so glad nobody decided so. I am so glad that we are finally not fighting for a lost cause.

Or is it that the many politicians in India decided they would not fuel a fight as the honour of the country was at stake? I dont know. Every time i am faced with a situation, I see the hope, bask in it and also immediately see the gloom and hope it is not the gloom that is going to come.