Saturday, October 09, 2010


Yes, another Pratchett. This one involving DEATH and his grand daughter Susan. Susan, being the self reliant young woman that she is, has become the governess to two children and her hobbies there include beating and chasing monsters away and fighting bears with a poker. Its Hogswatch time and DEATH has taken over the reins from Hogfather as something has happened to him. The whole story revolves around susan trying to solve the mystery and DEATH trying a different role of being a giver than a receiver.

The auditors of reality show up once again in this book after Reaper Man and are as realistic and practical as ever. The book is again a must read and I am not able to decide what it is about Pratchett that i like best. Is it his character sketch, is it his dealing very carefully with real issues in a fantastic realm, is it the amount of research that has gone into each book (refer to, it has a lot of annotations from all his books), or is it his amazing sense of humour or is it his beautiful plot construction? I am unable to decide. I only want to get to Jingo now and finish the book quickly.

Pratchett has opened a new world for me, one i dont want to leave so easily.

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