Saturday, October 02, 2010

The light at the end of the tunnel

I stand at cross roads
Unfortunately blinded by the powerful light
Right from the future

I remember a past of a girl
a little confused, a little sad
somehow always trying to be more
than what could have been
than what was

I remember the lessons
about the light at the end of a long tunnel
A promised light
that would give a new direction
even if not forever

even if not for long
for time enough to garner sufficient strength
to reach and complete the next tunnel
The light on which the hope of all mankind
The light simply created
by all the suppressed hope

I also remember the experiences
from my own memory
which somehow pose
as figments of a imaginative mind
The fire
that could destroy easily
as bright as the light
as dangerous
and potent enough to drain
the soul remaining in the body

What is it that would greet me at the end
of this long lonely tunnel?
What is it into which i am plummeting?

I can only guess and hope.


Sastry said...

At the end of thet tunnel, where you see the light and for which you have travelled for quite sometime, the person waiting for you wouild be BESCOM Agent as you wouldn't have paid electicity bill for quite some time and you obviously diodn;t switch off the light either :P

Harini Padmanabhan said...

Very funny Mallik. Unlike you, i PAY my bills. HUMPH