Saturday, October 09, 2010


The more i read of Pratchett, the more I want to read. :) Somehow he has weaved a wonderful world with his words, a world i want to be a part of and a world whose characters I have come to love, admire, hate and loath. This book is about the witches. It has the temperamental, cunning and crafty Granny Weatherwax, the very knowledgeable and compassionate Nanny Ogg and a girl in search of her identity, Agnes, who does not want her life lived for her. Agnes, assumes a stage name of Perdita and joins an opera. The concept of beauty and stardom is dealt with very beautifully. Agnes, who has very nice hair and a heart as huge as her body also has a lovely voice. However, all that she can do is lend voice to the lean and gorgeous Christine who doesnt know a do from a re. :)
Like any other opera, this one too has a lot of drama, only more so because there is a very peculiar phantom haunting it. On one hand it sends the propreitor notes asking Christine to lead a specific opera and on the other hand goes around happily killing people.
The book has a lot of hilarious instances involving Greebo, Nanny's cat and the travel from the Ramptops to Ankh Morpork, Agnes trying to Morph into Perdita and Granny's attempts at trying to solve the mystery. Overall a gripping read - funny, scary at places and at times, quite thought provoking.

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