Saturday, October 02, 2010

Soul Music

Yet another masterpiece from the man of the hour in my life - Pratchett! I am not a huge fan of rock n roll. I enjoy a few bands, rather songs and listen to anything under the sound as long as it has some soul in it. Soul Music is a parody on the world of Rock n Roll.

No one can escape from the charm of Music and this time around, it has come all the way to Ankh Morpork, coinciding with the time DEATH is disillusioned with his life and his Grand Daughter Susan is in charge convinced to do her job by Binky (DEATH's Horse) and The DEATH OF RATS. Enter Imp d Celyn whose stint on stage creates a music that does more to people than just make them want to nod their heads. With thousands of fans following his band(they make the music with Rocks in it), he is driven by something much more powerful than all magicians. As powerful as life itself for this music has the power to give life.

A lovely book filled with parodies, idealistic girls on white horses, a being(man doesn't sound accurate. He is after all DEATH) with a perfect memory trying to forget what was, what is and what will be, Music making normal people with their humdrum lives want to be something more, want to rebel. A book about all this and much more. One that i would not forget easily and one i kept quoting (or misquoting) in today's lounge piranha concert. :)

Truth is somehow much stranger than fiction.

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