Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Land of blind men

So they told me,
in a land of blind men,
the one eyed one is a king.

So I believed with all my heart,
on setting forth on an arduous journey,
into this difficult land.

With eyesight quite good,
and wonderful faculties,
Confident I was
That rule i would
or atleast come on top,
in the blind blind land.

Life, however, had plans
difficult, different and unrelated,
Shunned for the talent
Ignored out of fear
of being overthrown

Prosecution becoming the only friend I had
from the instance, realisation of my sight set in
the minds of those powerful.

Surprised I stand,
Alone and confused
wondering why a man
with sight can never rule
I like, emulate and adore change. However, at times i wonder if too much of change can throw your life off the track it is supposed to go in. Is the new track the one that is yours? Was the old one supposed to end or were you the one that bought about a sudden demise to a part of the story that was to go on for much longer? I wonder and I am left without an answer.

Monday, November 22, 2010

I have not been blogging too much lately. It is not because I dont have ideas or thoughts. In fact, they are as high and as intense and irritating as ever. I do not switch on my lovely laptop too often I agree, but earlier I would switch it on and try writing. Now, I dont know why I have lost the capability to throw words together and express the ideas I have. I wish I get out of this soon and start getting back to where i was couple of months ago.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sometimes in life you are faced with a very tough choice. Tough not because of what you have to do to  make it but tough because of the fear you have in you as to what you might miss because you choose something over another. I have made a few tough choices in the recent past and I am hoping the one i am contemplating right now and this indecisive feeling is worth the trouble. Needless to say, this has been one of the toughest choices in my life. For usually i knew exactly who/what i wanted. :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Back to Pavilion

I am not used to Monday Morning blues. Infact, i like going to office and spending time there. So much so that I dont mind staying longer even if i have something to do at home. However, yesterday, for the first time i had this feeling of doom when i had to leave for office. I wish I can have 365 days off but i know ill get bored after say 20. I guess ill get used to the routine soon. Till then ill at least crib.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Customer service

I have used this blog as a medium of cribbing about a lot of crappy things that happen to me. Today, for a change, i am going to praise a particular organisation. I have written enough about being sick for the last 2 weeks. I recovered thankfully in time for my engagement. However, i did goof up a lot because of being sick and having a lot of work to finish.

The best part was, i goofed up on my engagement shopping. In the ceremony for the engagement, the bride is supposed to wear two sarees. The first one her parents get for her and the second one that her in-laws to be get. Since i never wear a saree, I had bargained for a salwar and a saree for the ceremony.

What i had not expected was that i would be sick and silly the week before and of the engagement. I went and got a dress two sizes smaller. I had taken it home to show my mom and then we realise it is way too small for me to wear. To top in the dress i had got for diwali, the dye from the dupatta leaked when i got wet in the rain and there were green spots all over my white dress.

I took the smaller dress to shoppers stop with the intention of exchanging it and also mentioned to the representative that the other one had stains all over. Without thinking too much about it, he asked me to get that one as well and gave me a credit note. I was delighted. I am so grateful to shoppers stop and I have decided to continue shopping there as they not only exchanged my clothes but were also really polite and courteous about the whole thing. :)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

A thank you note

Needless to say, for more reasons than one, I am very happy. Sometimes in life, you go astray and wander around for a long time before you find your way. Sometimes, it so happens that you wander only because that can help you find your way. In the interconnected jigsaw puzzle, some shapeless pieces make sure the overall shape is perfect. I am at peace with the world for i have found the pieces that make me complete. I am in love with life and of course with that special person whom  i dedicate this post to.

I am engaged and I am now getting ready to get into something a little different or maybe, not too different. I just hope and thank him up above for all that he has blessed me with. Thank you!

Monday, November 08, 2010

I have finally come to see what they mean when they say, "The best way to destroy a man is to kill his self respect and blast his self confidence". I am only surprised that most civilized people find new methods to do the same. It is a little sad to observe such things in real life. However, man kind survives and am i glad that it does.

Friday, November 05, 2010

What is 3G life to me

I am just another of those nameless masses, a part of the increasing population of young adults far away from home. While working for an MNC, most of us take westernized breaks.It is mainly during the US holidays that we get a day off. There are only a handful of the innumerable Indian festivals which we can actually celebrate from home. A lot of festivals are spent all alone in an empty apartment or on a late night office call. On such days, I really hope i had Tata Docomo's 3G connection with which i can do a video conference with my family and watch them enjoy the festival in all its glory.

Like any other human being, I need people around me. Unfortunately, with each of us living in different corners of the world, relatives and friends become mere parts of an elaborate address book. Weddings, births, deaths; most of this is just a facebook update. To go along with the passing tide of time, I wish I had a 3G connection that would help me to be present at least virtually, for those that matter, all the time and not wait to go home to login to the net. For we do live in a virtual world. The Tata Docomo 3G launch can make my life simpler and keep me more connected to those that matter.

Apart from just helping me keep in touch with the outside world, the 3G services can help enrich me from within by providing me entertainment in those lonely times when I need something to keep my morale going. Bangalore is a city with a lot of power cuts and there have been many a time when I have had to keep staring at my slow cell phone internet and hope for a faster download and pray for the music or video to stream faster and stop me from thinking. Tata Docomo's 3G services according to me is the answer to the prayers of the many like me. We know that we cannot hope for everything in life to happen immediately. But we know that there are somethings which when they do, give us an instant gratification and in a way makes our lives fulfilled and soon become an important part of it. This 3G launch is definitely going to become something like that.

I am delighted with the new services and wish Tata Docomo all the very best.

Happy Diwali

It is the time of the year again. The time when everything is in extremes. Or should i rephrase it as the time when prosperity is show cased for the rest of the world and there are celebrations all around. I like Diwali a lot. Like most indians i can call it my favorite festival. I have had a lovely time the last week despite being really sick. That is only because of the spirit this season brings in. I woke up sick, swallowed tablets, shopped for a dress, came back home slept, woke up again and went for some more rounds.

Seriously, i have never been so sick and never enjoyed myself so much this season. Today was awesome fun as all four of us were home together and we burst loads of crackers. This diwali is special for multiple reasons and I hope that with the crackers I burst, all the negative energy and anger that was busy occupying my mind disappears.