Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Land of blind men

So they told me,
in a land of blind men,
the one eyed one is a king.

So I believed with all my heart,
on setting forth on an arduous journey,
into this difficult land.

With eyesight quite good,
and wonderful faculties,
Confident I was
That rule i would
or atleast come on top,
in the blind blind land.

Life, however, had plans
difficult, different and unrelated,
Shunned for the talent
Ignored out of fear
of being overthrown

Prosecution becoming the only friend I had
from the instance, realisation of my sight set in
the minds of those powerful.

Surprised I stand,
Alone and confused
wondering why a man
with sight can never rule

1 comment:

ssstoryteller said...

good one...
liked the last para...
though I wonder if sometimes having sight really leads us to happiness, or if it is better to be blind....

yet...sightedness/consciousness is a better place to operate from...