Saturday, November 13, 2010

A thank you note

Needless to say, for more reasons than one, I am very happy. Sometimes in life, you go astray and wander around for a long time before you find your way. Sometimes, it so happens that you wander only because that can help you find your way. In the interconnected jigsaw puzzle, some shapeless pieces make sure the overall shape is perfect. I am at peace with the world for i have found the pieces that make me complete. I am in love with life and of course with that special person whom  i dedicate this post to.

I am engaged and I am now getting ready to get into something a little different or maybe, not too different. I just hope and thank him up above for all that he has blessed me with. Thank you!


Sastry said...

I never knew that you were searching for your pieces all this time :P

Sachin Dev said...

I graciously accept your thank you note :) Keep pleasing me, u will get more blessings

Harini Padmanabhan said...

@ Mallik : Yeah, i have given out so many pieces of my mind right, i need to collect it all
@ Sachin, well, do remember well be meeting soon. :)

varun said...

awww...choow chweet :P

Count your blessings,the man means business :-)