Sunday, December 26, 2010

Corruption begins at home

Yeah, when virtues can begin at home, why can't vices? Consider this scenario. There is a kid who is writing his examination. He has not prepared well. There is a lot of focus on him to finish it and come out in flying colors, or at least to pass the exam. He simply copies from another student. There could be a scenario where he feels guilty for what he did and starts turning over into a new leaf and takes his studies seriously. But then, if that had been the case, we wouldn't have had to be stuck with just a single mahatma. In most cases, the thrill of cheating and the ease with which the job can be accomplished compared to the hard work required in the other case enthralls people all the more and they become so addicted to this supposed art of cheating in exam halls.

What starts in the exam hall continues in life for when he cannot face the challenges in life, he somehow finds a shorter route out. I am not going to preach a moral lesson saying such people dont get great jobs or they suffer in life. There is no iota of truth in such a statement for i have not seen the proof. On the contrary, I do see people who have taken short cuts out prospering and I am seriously tempted at times. (I never said I am mahatma did I? ) Thankfully every time, i have had an alternative straight route that I was able to take. Anyways, since this post is not about me, let me go back to where it all began.

Why do people not realise that this is wrong? Is it because the right and the wrong is so subjective? We are able to cheat in exams then graduate to bribe during our learning licence test then further promote ourselves throughout our career by not being completely frank about the various things we do, labeling it as corporate behaviour, finding multiple excuses to not be straight and to take the shorter way out. We dont shoot our politicians who swindle millions and trillions through their short cuts. In a way i guess we identify with them and should i say wish it was us instead swindling the money? How can I wish for a change in the society when there are so many people out there who are convinced that taking the short cut is not wrong? When they have the guts to laugh at those who do  not take the short cut and hide behind their inadequacies and mock at the rest of the world?

I am no saint nor am I a reformer. But as time goes by, I wonder why is it that people mock at few decisions I take. Not that I am going to take them differently. I just wish that things can change for the better and that we can stand up to be who we are the way we are and not hide behind the masks we paint for the society, which again is another figment of an overactive imagination and breed corruption and let it mass produce like the HIV virus we have no means of controlling. Like HIV, for now in my case at least, prevention is better than cure. I refuse to bow down. I refuse to change (unless something really unbearable happens when i dont think ill be able to face my self again. )Hope, I guess is just the good thing i can have for now.

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