Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dog's death?!

I belong to the group of (un)fortunate few who get to read bangalore mirror everyday. Yesterday's article was about a dog's death to a rabid dog that went about biting people. It was beaten to death by a group of righteously indignant citizens and its body dragged about in a two wheeler before being thrown into a garbage dump. I was shocked and upset to say the least upon reading such an act of cruelty performed by supposedly sane, civilized (?) human beings.

If a dog bites you, I am not Christ (even in Christmas season) to ask you to let it bite your other leg. Go ahead, hit it and make it run. But why do you have to kill it in such a gory fashion?! How can these people boast to be human if they do such psycho acts? What irritated me all the more was the fact that the journalist did not seem to find this act crass. I thought what set us apart as human beings was the fact that we had something called a sixth sense and some compassion for the rest of the world. (looking at how we waste things, i am not sure it is out of the world). How can we justify our right to live if we consider the life of another creature worthless?

The courts and the justice system is spending millions in safe guarding the life of terrorists who killed human beings and permanently maimed many. How is it right to show all the anger and hatred we harbor in our hearts on a dog that only temporarily maimed individuals? Where was blue cross? Why wasn't the dog killed in a less painful manner? Where is the justice in this world?!

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